Where is Vidyabalan Movie Review

Starring : Prince, Jyothi Shetty , Sampoornesh Babu

Director : Srinivas

Producer : Venu Gopal Reddy

Music Director : Kamran Ahmed

Review : 3/5


Kiran (Prince) is a basic pizza conveyance kid who experiences passionate feelings for a specialist named Swathi (Jyothi Shetty). He begins charming her and somehow succeeds in winning her adoration.
While this is going on, the couple all of a sudden gets stuck in a tumultuous circumstance where a savage pastor (Jaya Prakash Reddy), a presumed specialist (Rao Ramesh) and an interesting wear (Sampoornesh Babu) are after Vidya Balan.
Who is this Vidya Balan ? Why are everybody after her ? What’s more, what is this disorderly circumstance about? To know answers to these inquiries, you have to watch the film on the wide screen.


Plus Points:

Second half is the greatest resource of the film. The genuine fun begins amid this time and the interesting and turbulent peak closes the film on a glad note.
Ruler is alright as the primary lead however needs to take a shot at his acting aptitudes. Champion Jyothi Shetty is average. All the scenes highlighting entertainer Madhu and Prince have turn out well.
Sampoornesh Babu is amusing in his part of Ghantasala. He summons brilliant giggles amid the peak alongside Jaya Prakash Reddy. Saptagiri is alright in his cameo as is Rao Ramesh as the terrible fellow.


Minus Points:

To begin with 30 minutes of the film is routine and needs bearing. The film begins on an exhausting note as all the characters make a passage without clarity. Straight up to the most recent ten minutes of the interim square, the film is dragged with Prince’s affection track.
Despite the fact that Madhu is conventional, he goes overboard in numerous scenes amid the second half. Story of the film is truly normal and has been managed numerous a times some time recently.
Melodies cause prevention to the film and could have been effectively evacuated. The film has an exciting ride impact as the motion picture continues showing signs of improvement with specific winds yet gets stalled with some exhausting scenes.
Technical Aspects:

Music is underneath normal and all the tunes could have been evacuated. Camera work is really great as is the workmanship bearing. Generation qualities are tolerable as the producers have not traded off on the quantity of specialists chose for modest parts.

Screenplay is really awful amid the first half however gets pace from interim. Going to the executive Srinivas, he has made a respectable showing and has executed some great comic drama in the second half. The main spot where he wavers is amid the first half where his heading needs center.



Where is Vidya Balan makes them stimulate minutes. Intriguing second half, Samporrnesh Babu’s drama and a humorous peak spare the film from sinking. On the off chance that you figure out how to sit through the moderate first half, you can undoubtedly give this acceptable wrongdoing satire a shot.