Vinavayya Raamiayya Review and Rating

Starring : Naga Anvesh, Kruthika

Director : G. Ram Prasad

Producer : Krishna Reddy

Music Director : Anup Rubens

Story :-

The film is situated in a town called Veerayya Palem. Chanti(Nag Anvesh) is an indiscreet youth who begins to look all starry eyed at his adolescence companion Janaki(Kritika). One fine day, he uncovers his adoration for her however to his stun, Janaki rejects him point clear.

This dismissal causes an enormous heart break for Chanti. Seeing his unpleasant condition, Chanti’s companion capture Janaki from her wedding which is altered by her dad Chowdary(Prakash Raj). What will Chanti do now ? In what manner will he settle this precarious circumstance ? Will he win his adoration toward the end ? That structures whatever is left of the story.


Positive Aspects :-

Pester Anvesh makes a great introduction with Vinavayya Ramaiyya. This youthful debutante has a ton of straightforwardness in his acting and is really great with his moves. His satire timing is good and looks agreeable on screen. As he has effectively done movies as a youngster craftsman, he has a decent hold on dialog conveyance.

Drishyam distinction Kritika is average as an undeniable champion She looks excellent in Indian clothing and has made a decent showing with her part. Prakash Raj is noteworthy in an essential part. Brahmanandam figures out how to summon not too bad snickers as Patel Pahelvan.

Other supporting characters played by Ali, Shakalaka Shankar and Jabardasth Seenu do well as legend’s companions. While the first half makes them intrigue satire, the second half has great family suppositions. Visuals are great in the film.

Negative Aspects :-

One of the greatest downsides of the film is the standard story line. Scripts like these have been managed numerous a times some time recently. There is nothing but the same old thing new for the group of onlookers to anticipate in this film. Certain tunes have been put in wrong territories. Portrayal is somewhat moderate as the film goes into the real story just amid the second half.

The adoration story between the lead pair needs clarity and has not been lifted much. The second half has great degree for diversion however the creators have passed up a major opportunity for that. The way certain characters make a change amid the peak turns rushed upward.

Technical Aspects :-

Vinavayya Ramaiyya is really solid in the specialized division. Rasool Ellore’s camera work is extraordinary as every casing looks vivid. The way he has showcased the lead pair is likewise noteworthy. Anup Ruben’s music is respectable, yet it is his experience score which hoists the film to another level. Praveen Pudi’s altering is alright however could have been stunningly better on the off chance that he would have hacked off a couple of scenes.

Dialogs composed are really noteworthy as is the workmanship bearing. Going to the executive Ram Prasad, he has made a conventional showing. Despite the fact that he picks a normal script, the way he has separated exhibitions from the lead pair is better than average. He ought to have composed a superior screenplay to lift the film significantly more.

Conclusion :-

Vinavayya Raamiayya marks a nice presentation for Nag Anvesh. His amazing execution, stimulation component and certain family feelings are essential resources. In the event that you disregard the standard story line and unsurprising nature of the script, you can give this film a shot for its run of the mill business components.

Rating : 3/5