Uttama Villain Movie Review

uttam villan review

Movie: Uttama Villain
Rating: 3.25/5.
Director: Ramesh Aravind
Producer: Lingusamy, Kamal Haasan, S. Chandrahasan, N. Subash Chandrabose
Written: Kamal Haasan
Cast & Crew: Kamal Haasan, Urvashi, Pooja Kumar
Music : M. Ghibran


Manoranjan(Kamal Haasan) is a tremendous film star who is adored by the masses. He drives a disputable life and conceals it from his fans. One fine day, he comes to realize that he has brain tumor and is going to die soon. A frustrated Manoranjan(Kamal Haasan) chooses to benefit as much as possible from his remaining time by acting in one final film. He approaches his director Margadarshi(K Balachander) and demands him to direct his last film.

A prestigious undertaking project is Uttama Villain is started and rest of the story is in the matter of whether Manoranjan(Kamal Haasan) finishes the film and satisfies his last yearning.

Positive Aspects:-

Kamal Haasan is the greatest in addition to for this film. His performance as a withering genius is gigantic and will hold you inwardly. There are sure scenes amid the peak which will acquire an irregularity your throat. The way Kamal Haasan depicts his disputable life and showcases his parody timing as a Theyyam artist is really great.

Incredible executive K Balanchander is culminate in his part and conveys a considerable measure of profundity to the film. Every one of his scenes with Kamal Haasan are so heart touching and showcase the holding between them. Peak of the film has been taken care of well and conveys an enthusiastic speak to the film. Courageous Actress Andrea and Pooja Kumar look great in their separate parts and give better than average backing to the film. A scene where he stands up to his child has been composed wonderfully.

Negative Aspects:-

Uttama Villain has its blemishes and can get bore in occasion. Despite the fact that the period dramatization has been showcased well, the way it has been described in the second half is less than impressive. The motion picture heads forward and backward in time and the way sub plot is associated with the fundamental topic looks tainted and exhausting. Yet another real baffling element of the film is the run time.

The film is three hours in length and can get on to your nerves. There are various scenes in the second half which could have been effectively cleaved off to make the film fresh. After an intriguing 30 minutes in the first half, pace of the film drops radically. K Vishwanath has not been utilized to his potential.Uttama Villain has truly no excitement values and get exhausting for the individuals who look for popcorn amusement. This film has a vibe of a workmanship film and will speak to just an area of group of onlookers.

Technical Aspects:-

Uttama Villain is super solid on the specialized front. Craftsmanship course is first rate and the sets utilized and lighting plans are simply heavenly. Yet another significant is music of this film, Ghibran’s background score which hoists the film to another level.

Music of the film is just about alright. As said before, screenplay of the film is the greatest less and hinders at whatever point the film retreats in time. Story gave by Kamal Haasan is really great yet the way chief Ramesh Aravind handles the portrayal riches the stream of the film.


Overall, Kamal Haasan’s Uttama Villain superb perfomance and emotional climax are essential resources of the film. On the other side,second half and absence of stimulation qualities will conflict with the film big time. At last, every one of the individuals who like Kamal Haasan’s style of film making and acting may wind up preferring it.