Tippu movie Review and Rating

Starring : Satya Karthik, Samskruthy Shenoy, Kanika Kapoor

Director : Jagadeesh Daneti

Producer : DV Seetaramaraju

Music Director : Mani Sharma

Story :-

Satya(Satya Krishna) is a school going youth who begins to look all starry eyed at Vaishnavi (Kanika Kapoor). He goes along with her school and charms her to acknowledge his affection. This is additionally the time when a feared criminal called Keshu Bhai(Shravan) looks at Vaishnavi.

Things go crazy as Keshu Bhai begins tormenting Vaishnavi big time. An irate Satya abruptly takes things close by and murders off Keshu Bhai. Why did Satya murder Keshu Bhai ? Is there an individual intention behind the murdering ? Will the police grab Satya ? To know answers to these inquiries, you have to watch the film on the extra large screen.

Possitive Aspects :-

Debutante Satya Krishna is really nice for his first film. He has great screen vicinity and is likewise noteworthy with his battles and moves. Satya had a creator supported part which he performed to the best of his capacities.

In the first place a large portion of the film is great and makes them intrigue minutes. Posani’s parody track and some great tunes compensate for a not too bad first half. M S Narayana’s comic drama brings some help here and there. Shravan is great in his part of a terrible fellow. Sana looks youthful in a chirpy part.

Negative Aspects :-

After a conventional first half, Tippu goes down slide. The reason turns out to be so senseless as various superfluous characters and scenes take middle of everyone’s attention. Despite the fact that M S Narayana’s track with Sana is great, it is dragged out a bit.

Krishna Bhagwan’s entrance and the entire Ashram scene cause bothering. There is no significance to the scalawag’s part amid the second half. In the wake of showcasing him in such a capable part, the producers have weakened the plot with undesirable business components.

Portrayal needs center and peak is only rushed on to us. There is no profundity in feelings amid the second half as the motion picture gets to be schedule. Champion Kanika Kapoor watches rusty and is squandered in the film.

Technical Aspects :-

Mani Sharma’s music is the main reprieve in the specialized division. All the melodies sound great and have likewise been shot well. Generation qualities are not too bad and present the Mysore zone well. Screenplay is pitiable amid the second half as the producers have summoned superfluous drama tracks.

Altering is alright as is the foundation score. Going to the executive Jagadish, he has made an OK showing with the first half yet ruins the whole second half with a need brilliance portrayal. He weakens the plot and makes the film go off track.

Conclusion :-

All in all, Tippu is a decent script with really awful execution. After an intriguing first a large portion of, the film had all the trappings to turn into a not too bad watch yet is ruined totally by some poor portrayal and constrained business components. The main positive result of this film is the legend Satya Krishna who is really nice for his presentation film.

Rating : 2.75/5