Surya Vs Surya Review


Release date : March 05, 2015
Movie: Surya Vs Surya
Rating : 3.2/5
Director : Karthik Ghattamaneni
Producer : Malkapuram Shivakumar
Music Director : Satya Mahaveer
Starring : Nikhil Siddhartha, Tridha Choudhury, Madhubala

Nikhil Siddhartha, Tridha Choudhury, Madhubala With two consecutive hits, youthful legend Nikhil is going awesome firearms in his profession. His is currently once more with his most recent discharge Surya versus Surya, which has hit the screens today. We should see whether Nikhil scores a hatrick with this flick.

Surya(Nikhil) experiences an uncommon hereditary issue called Porphyria which will execute him in the event that he gets presented to daylight. Loosing no trust, Surya decides to keep away from the day time and deals with his life amid the evenings. Wind in the turn emerges when a TV stay named Sanjana(Tridha Chowdary) goes gaga for him. As time cruises by, she comes to think about Surya’s ailment and parts ways with him. Rest of the story is about how Surya defeats his issues and wins his affection back.

Positive Aspects:-

The reason and story of the film are great. The way an adorable sentiment is situated up around this novel plot point merits adulation. Nikhil has enhanced big time and assumes his part greatly. He showed sublime feelings in numerous scenes and has arrived at a development in his acting capacities. Nikhil’s look and execution will be significant attractions of the film.

Tridha Chowdary makes an OK presentation. She looks delightful and has additionally showcased great acting abilities. Satire in the first half is very stimulating and Tannikella Bharani must be given due kudos for it. He alongside Satya have assumed the supporting parts remarkably well. It is additionally truly novel to see Tannikella Bharani in such an alternate and clever part. Madhubala assumes her mom’s part well. The night school scenes and science between the three companions Nikhil, Bharani and Satya is superb. Initially 50% of the film is very blustery and diverts the crowd big time.

Negative Aspects:-

Creation estimations of the film are first class. Hyderabad has been showcased in an eminent light and significant credit ought to go to the cam office. Music of the film is simply normal and could have been a considerable measure better. Dialogs are alright thus is the workmanship bearing.

Screenplay of the film is fair amid the first half yet gets confounding amid the second. Chief Karthik Ghattamaneni makes an alright introduction. He has picked a decent story and has additionally figured out how to set it up pleasantly till the first half. However after a point, he loses control as the film needs legitimate bearing.


On the whole, Surya vs Surya has some decent moments. Nikhil’s performance, interesting story and entertaining first half are major assets of this film. Nikhil’s popularity will bring in good crowds but a slow and predictable second half spoils the flow of the film and makes it just a one time watch.