Soggade Chinni Nayana movie review


Movie: Soggade Chinni Nayana
Rating: 3.0/5.0
Director: Kalyan Krishna
Producer: Nagarjuna Akkineni
Starring: Nagarjuna Akkineni, Ramya Krishnan, Lavanya Tripathi
Music: Anoop Rubens


The film is situated in a local town of Andhra and is set in the midst of the group recently Bangara Raju(Nagarjuna). The film opens up with Bangara Raju’s child, again played by Nagarjuna and his wife (Lavanya) who are nearly taking a separation. The couple achieve their local town and face their issue to Bangara Raju’s wife Satya(Ramya Krishna). A miracle Satya secures herself in the room and goes up against this to an immense picture of her late spouse. Satya uncovers to him that she has arrived in colossal issues after his passing and argues him to take care of this. Rest of the story is to how a dead Bangara Raju returns to life and takes care of all his family’s issues.

Positive Aspects:-

It is so great to see Nagarjuna in a creator sponsored part after such quite a while. Soggade is Nagarjuna’s exclusive show as the script, character and look suits his genuine persona no doubt. Nagarjuna is getting it done and floors the crowd with his looks and hypnotizing act. He has indicated great varieties in both his parts, and his science with Ramya Krishna and Lavanya is basically shocking. Yet another fundamental resource of the film is the family introduction which will interface with every last one.

The natural regions, inconspicuous sentiment and feel great tunes, which are an uncommon sight in this day and age have been executed well. Ramya Krishna is heavenly in her part and looks perfect even at this age. Credit ought to go to the chief for scratching out every one of the parts beautifully. Each character has approach significance and the way they gel with the story line is really great. Lavanya is well-suited in her part and conveys a not too bad impact to the procedures with her conventional symbol. Anasuya awes in her cameo and has staggering screen vicinity. To begin with half of the film is entirely enthusiastic and has great family feelings and comic drama. Nasser and Sampath are good in their parts.

Negative Aspects:-

Strife purpose of the film is somewhat basic and has not a lot fascinating to offer. Pace of the film amid the second half drops a bit as specific scenes sidelined to the principle plot. Despite the fact that Brahmanandam is great, some of his scenes amid the first half could have been altered. The plot of the film is very unsurprising and once the turn is uncovered, the procedures get impeded. Despite the fact that the film is entirely engrossing amid the first a large portion of, the real story just kick begins in the second half.

Technical Aspects:-

Music of the film is gigantically noteworthy as every one of the melodies are entirely calming and have additionally been shot pleasantly. Creation qualities are first rate and the great camera work just adds to the excellent town visuals. Dialogs are particular and suit the state of mind of the film well. Screenplay of the film is entirely basic as the producers have played to the displays and included scenes which will be preferred by every last one. Going to the executive Kalyan Krishna, he has made a wonderful showing with the film. Right from the first casing, he draws your consideration with some wholesome diversion and presents Nagarjuna in an amusing way. Despite the fact that his story is very basic, the way he has portrayed the film with better than average family feelings is the thing that makes this film tick.


At whatever point Nagarjuna has done enthralling parts, movies have dependably clicked. Same is the situation with Soggade Chinni Nayana which is a finished family performer. Nagarajuna’s live wire execution and some perfectly executed family feelings are tremendous resources for this film. Notwithstanding the moderate pace amid the second a large portion of, this film winds up as an agreeable look for each area of the group of onlookers this Sankranthi.