Samantkamani Movie Review

Samantkamani Movie Review
Movie: Samantkamani
Release Date: July 14, 2017 Rating: 3/5
Starring: Sundeep Kishan, Sudheer Babu, Nara Rohit, Aadhi
Director: Sriram Aditya
Producer: Anand Prasad
Music Director: Mani Sharma


Movie move around the car is named as “Samantkaman” and which was maintained by Sudheer Babu(Krishna). One day car will be stolen, Nara Rohith who is a Corrupted Police and Investigation Officer who take cares of the criminals. They undergo investigation and who finds Sundeep Kishan who is a mass criminal. Finds Rajendra Prasad as an expert car mechanic. And come across Aadhi as Engineering Graduate looking to marry his Chandini Chowdary. Rest of the story is that how he searched for Samantkaman and How he hand over to Krishna.

Plus Aspects:-

Coming to movie positive aspects, movie story line is the asset of the movie and it was very interesting. The screen play was executed very well with a good manner. Movie BDGM makes the goosebumps, all the production values also very good. Comedy of Rajendra Prasad was very impressive and enjoyed a lot. The second part of the movie is very good.

Negative Aspects:-

A bit slow in the first half and about the car. Some of the scenes are pretty good.


Over all, the movie is a thriller with the comedy bits and it was the multi starer movie. The movie makes you fit the seat. We can watch this movie for this weekend.