Run Movie Review

Movie : Run (2016)
Releasing on : 23 March 2016
Review & Rating: 3/5
Cast & Crew : Sundeep Kishan , Anisha Ambrose
Producer : Sudhakar Cherukuri, Kishore Garikipati, Ajay Sunkara
Director : Ani Kanneganti
Music Director : Sai Karthik


Sundeep Kishan(sanju) is a software engineer who looses his job . He is having the responsibility of getting his sister married, Sanju takes the loan from Vaddi Raja(Bobby Simha).

The passing of time, Sanju fails to repay the loan and this makes Vaddi Raja upset big time. He calls Sanju and gave warning him to pay his money back by the same evening.

This is additionally the time when Sanju’s adoration interest Ammu(Anisha Ambrose) goes out for good and joins Sanju. Rest of the story is with reference to how Sanju deals with every one of his issues and turns out from the malicious grips of Vaddi Raja.

Plus points :

The way every single charatcher in movie designed was super.some twists in movie are good.sundeep kishan done his hardwork.his action as a frustrated guy was brilliant.And his acting infront of camera was nice.

Anisha ambrose looks pretty in movie. Brahmaji once again done a decent job as padmavati.And his expressions in this movie was awesome.

Bobby Simha makes a noteworthy presentation as the terrible person yet his character has not been taken care of well amid the second half. To begin with half of the film is really fresh with abundant turns and satire. Posani does his bit amid the end and gets some drama

Negative Points:

After a suggestive first a large portion of, the rhythm of the film plunges somewhat as some undesirable scenes and a melody highlighting Mahat Raghavendra becomes the overwhelming focus. An excess of characters join the enjoyment as the peak is rushed on to us.

Anisha Ambrose has not a lot to do amid the second half and the saint’s methodology toward her needs clarity and conviction. The way principle scalawag’s character is finished and an excess of things incident amid the peak makes things a bit blan

Technical Aspects:

Sai karthik was fabulous with his background score.Dialogues are nice.production values at top and camera work was superbly done.

Going to the executive Anil Kanneganti, he has made an alright showing with the redo. Despite the fact that he couldn’t get the substance of the first, he was incompletely fruitful in setting it up in Telugu nativity. Had he figured out how to portray the second half betterly, the result would have been far and away superior.


One of the greatest preferences of Run is the fresh run time. A basic story interlinked with various characters and how they are disentangled amid the end is the thing that Run is about. Excepting the non viable portrayal amid the second half and hurried up peak, Run has enough winds and unobtrusive comic drama which will compensate for a better than average watch this week.