Rudhramadevi review


Movie: Rudhramadevi
Cast & Crew: Anushka Shetty, Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati
Director: Gunasekhar
Producer: Gunasekhar, Raagini Guna
Music: Ilaiyaraaja


Rudhramadevi is one of the rarest women rulers of India, who belonged to the Kakathiya Dynasty in Deccan Plateau. Born as Rudramba, her father was Ganapatideva, the initial emperor of Kakatiya Dynasty and ruler of Orugallu in Telangana. Rudramadevi is the only daughter of Ganapatideva.
She started to rule the kingdom along with her father initially and took over completey after his death. She started ruling the kingdom from the age of 14 and later was married to Veerabhadra, a Vengi Chalukya. The couple adopted two girls Mummadmba and Ruyyamba. Rudhramadevi was not accepted as the ruler by many people of the kingdom and was always under threat. She got support from Jannigedeva, The Kayastha chief and Gona Ganna Reddy who is one of the Reddy chiefs.

Positive Aspects:-

The gigantic spending plan spent is plainly obvious as immense sets and VFX work. Allu Arjun is without a doubt the significant highlight of the film. Gunasekhar has outlined his character especially well and Bunny makes an amazing showing with his word usage and tough look. The way jazzy star has mixed a comic drama touch into his character is amazing.

Anushka looks magnificent as ruler Rudrama Devi and does her employment with a great deal of commitment. She has worked hard for the war arrangements and looks to a great degree glitzy in the melodies. Rana has influence well and capably underpins Anushka in her attempts. Prakash Raj and Krishnam Raju suit their parts apropos. After a long hole, Suman gets a vital part as a baddie and performs to a great degree well. To start with half of the film is really better than average and showcases the development of Rudrama Devi as the sovereign. Certain visuals and the way Allu Arjun’s character has been presented is sublime. There are numerous stupendous visuals in the film which have been taken care of well with VFX work.

Negative Aspects:-

One of the real disadvantages is the drag in portrayal. Subsequent to setting up the first half decently, Gunsekhar how about we the film down with some unremarkable heading. He sets aside a great deal of time to build up Rudrama Devi as the ruler and does not raise her character much. There are far an excess of characters which go back and forth into the procedures.

Likewise, the way certain characters have been presented does not have the coveted impact. Stars like Nithya Menen and Catherine Tresa have been totally squandered in their parts. Second 50% of the film has a great deal of slacks and takes for ever to achieve the peak. Gunasekhar additionally neglects to create the fundamental feelings from critical characters. Melodies in the second half just postpone the film’s procedures. Screenplay is worse than average amid the second part the same number of scenes set aside their own opportunity to divulge.

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Technical Aspects:-

Ilayaraja’s music score is beneath normal yet his experience score is good in specific parts. Dialogs are really great and particularly those composed for Allu Arjun are justified regardless of a notice. Camera work is choice and showcases the regal visuals in an excellent way. The royal residence sets, outfits and the different props utilized are outlined pleasantly. Creation qualities are choice as the producers have spent luxuriously in giving the film a terrific look. Rudrama Devi has a blended sack of visual impacts. There are sure VFX scenes which have been executed well and in the meantime the representation utilized as a part of some war scenes look senseless. Going to the chief Gunasekhar, he has put his complete self working for this film. The vast majority of the first half he plays his cards right and sets up a fascinating interim blast. In any case, tragically, he makes things monotonous amid the second half and does not lift the required scenes.


All in all, Rudrama Devi is a better than average endeavor from Gunasekhar. Overwhelming obligation star cast, rich visuals and Allu Arjun’s shocking character raise the film to an OK level. Be that as it may, a dragged out portrayal and moderate pace of the film makes things dull amid the second half. The film is certain to get some colossal openings on account of the buzz it is conveying. At long last, in the event that you hold every one of your desires under wraps and float along with the film, you can without much of a stretch give this film a shot for its extravagant film making and authentic heredity.

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