Rojulu Marayi Movie Review

Movie : Rojulu Marayi (2016)
Release Date : July 01, 2016
Rating : 2.5/5
Director : Murali
Producer : G. Srinivas Rao
Casting : Parvatheesam, Tejaswi, Krithika

It is the present generation scenario about girls attitude. Couples get married under some shocking situations with the cunning plan of girls. In detail how the thinking perspective, decision making and the fate of boys changes because of girls. In that situation boys get united to teach a lesson to the girls for a happy life. By this lesson girls realize and change their attitude. Movie ends with a good message and a happy note.

Positive Aspects:-
Movie script is good for the present generation. This movie makes us think about the changes in girls attitude. Murali krishna has directed it very well based on the script of Maruthi. Spontaneous punches and comedy timing is very good. Content was executed very well. Back ground music scroll has added up very well to the movie. All other technical aspects are good..

Negatives Aspects:-

The main draw back of the movie is it was dragged a bit which made it a little bore to watch. Music dint reach well. Scenes got repeated with the running story. The dialogues were not as much as the content.

This movie is a lesson to the youth of present generation. Anyways it is a one time watch movie.