Oka Manasu Movie review

Movie: Oka Manasu
Release Date: 24.JUne.2016
Rating: 3.0/5.0
Starring: Naga Shourya, Niharika Konidela
Director: Rama Raju Gottimukkala
Producer: Madhura Sreedhar Reddy, Dr.Krishna Bhatta (KKNKTV), A.Abhinay
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Production company : Madhura Entertainment, TV9

Oka Manasu is a romantic tale between a two youthful experts, a specialist (Niharika as Sandhya) and a lawmaker (Naga Shourya as Surya). Rao Ramesh, who assumes the part of Surya’s dad, is a little time government official with an aspiration to have his child succeed as a MLA. Surya is a cherishing, devoted child who focuses on making father’s blessing from heaven.

He drives the life of a run of the mill Telugu film government official – arranging settlements for cash and impart dread in the general population. Sandhya communicates her worries in regards to Surya’s dangerous life, however is in frantically cherish with him. Amid a settlement, Surya captures a relative of the Home Minister’s and a Dalit partner. This wins Surya correctional facility time under the SC ST barbarity act. After he gets a transitory safeguard, Surya returns home and live respectively with Sandhya.

Now, Surya is confronted with the intense test to pick amongst Sandhya and his dad. What prompted this? What is Surya’s choice? How do Sandhya and his dad respond to this? is whatever is left of the story.

Technical Aspects:-
The screen play was good and the technical things was executed very well without any disturbance. The movie totally shoots in Aruku and the Vizag, the background scenes was super and un believable screen shots. The songs sceneries was nice and made the romantic feel story by couples. The music was good, in some shots movie makes a bit of disturbance over all its was good

Positive Aspects:- Coming to Positive aspects the movie was an Clean and it was a mature love story and the movie well screened Well between father and son. Actress Sandhya love story with an unconditional love. The screen play and all the technical aspects wel well executed. Actress first debut, she acted as the very well knowed actress. Music was super and makes the viewers feel.

Negatives Aspects:-
Major drawback of the movie is too long, story was narrated with a bit of length. first half was slow-moving and the movie story with an simple dialogues. The climax was drooped with an fully feel

Conclusion:- It was a super fell story with an relationship between father and the son. Every body can watch, if the movie gets bore don’t feel the movie completes with an effective climax and conclusion. It’s a fell cum time pass movie