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Vijay Devarakonda USA Premier Show Live Updates

Time – 5:20 AM: A small twist in the tale, finally Nasser support his son Varun, movie ends with a press meet.

Time – 5:15 AM: varun hack all the ministers account, Varun stops all routes for Nasser and continues as CM.

Time – 5:10 AM: Movie heading towrads climax, Varun goes opposition to Nasser.

Time – 5:05 AM: Satya Raj daughter met with an accident, 400crores black information leak to media.

Time – 5:00 AM: Nasser undergo with an political game, Varu quits CM post, Nasser announce another one.

Time – 4:55 AM: Priyadarshi makes an entry as Varun friend. Varun send him to Panama for black money.

Time – 4:50 AM: His cleverness campaign for election makes witness for won.

Time – 4:45 AM: After some discusiion, Varun stands in an elections start campaign.

Time – 4:40 AM: Varun shows intrest on CM post and shows intrest and protect people.

Time – 4:35 AM: Heavy rains, Varun handles the situation and cleverly uses media and social media.

Time – 4:30 AM: Post interval, Varun trying to find money.

Time – 4:20 AM: Nasser trying to change Varun mind, as investing officer says your father holds thousands of crores rupees. It’s time for Interval.

Time – 4:18 AM: Movie heading to the interval, Varun get to know father had a second family.

Time – 4:15 AM: For the first time Varun see the girl who trapped with an opposition leader.

Time – 4:10 AM: A bomb blast happned, nasser condition in serious, Varun ran to delhi for father.

Time – 4:08 AM: Movie shifted to Nasser personal issues, wife. After release from jail.

Time – 4:05 AM: Twist in the tale, girl who trapped was an opposition leader daughter.

Time – 4:00 AM: One girl tap CM and enjoy the party with her. It’s time to Raja Raja Kula song.

Time – 3:55 AM: Public opinion on Varun, is very bad. As he is enjoying with girls and going to private parties in the night.

Time – 3:52 AM: Varun comes to the spot, faces media with a powerful speech.

Time – 3:50 AM: Peoples protesting for Nasser, showcasing Sentimental issues. In an situation on baby girl died.

Time – 3:50 AM: For the first time Varun enters to secretariat.

Time – 3:45 AM: Nasser gets arrested for 5yeras by CBI.

Time – 3:40 AM: Varun shows irresponsible for that position, not attending office and not providing service to all.

Time – 3:35 AM: With an unwillingness, finnaly Vanu oath for CM.

Time – 3:30 AM: Nasser resigning for CM post, announce Varun as CM in a press meet.

Time – 3:25 AM: Its time to Nasser enrty, Varun father.

Time – 3:23 AM: Its time for Varun Birthday party, Next day CM.

Time – 3:18 AM: A police chase scene elevates.

Time – 3:12 AM: An private party goes around,Its time for Yeththara Yeththara song.

Time – 3:10 AM: Movie starts with Varun (vijay devarakonda) entry.

Time – 3:02 AM: Tiles Roll

Time – 3:00 AM: Movie Starts with 149.40 Run Time