Nenu Sailaja Review

Movie: Nenu Sailaja
Rating: 3.5/5.0
Directed: Kishore Tirumala
Produced: Ravi Kishore
Story: Kishore Tirumala
Starring: Ram Pothineni, Keerthi Suresh
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Production company: Sri Sravanthi movies


Hari(Ram) is similar to some other youthful folks who needs to experience passionate feelings for and make the most of his life. To his misfortune, everybody rejects him more often than not. Annoyed with this, he chooses not to experience passionate feelings for once more. Be that as it may, fate has different plans and acquaints him with the flawless looking Sailaja(Keerthi Suresh).

Hari goes through some great times with Sailaja and right when he proposes his affection, she rejects him point clear. A bombshell Ravi proceeds with his life and as time cruises by, he gets an enormous piece of information which could offer him some assistance with getting back his affection. What is that intimation ? what’s more, How will Hari use it to win his affection back structures whatever is left of the story

Positive Aspects:-

Nenu Sailaja is an appropriately customized part for Ram. He is calm in his character and performs remarkably well all through the film. The way he has conveyed fluctuated feelings and has drawn out his touchy side is great. One of the significant attractions of the film is Keerthi Suresh. The Malayali on-screen character looks lovely and has a dazzling screen vicinity. Her science with Ram functions admirably and she gives an extremely sure and adjusted execution all through the film. In the first place half of the film is great with some inconspicuous yet engrossing diversion. The dialogs, sentiment and the vibe great element in the film will captivate you for sure. While the first half was entirely energetic, the second half has great family feelings.

Negative Aspects:-

At whatever point you portray an affection story, you precisely realize that it will be a cheerful completion the greater part of the times. The same is the situation in this film as well as the story is very unsurprising and has numerous minutes that you can figure immediately. After a fascinating first half, rhythm in the second half plunges marginally and certain family feelings become the overwhelming focus. The champion’s character which has solid determination gets somewhat frail amid this time and the emphasis shifts on family holding.

Technical Aspects:-

Devi Sri Prasad’s music is one of the added advantages to the film. None of the songs disturb the flow of the film and have been shot extremely well. Camera work is top notch and so was the art direction. Dialogues need a special mention as they have been written with a lot of simplicity and yet connect big time. Coming to the director Kishore Tirumala, he has done a wonderful job with the film. Even though he chooses a simple and routine story, the way he has narrated it in a simple yet entertaining way is superb. There are no extra characters, no forced comedy and no illogical scenes in his direction. The way he brings out subtle yet varied emotions from his star cast is superb.


In general, Nenu Shailaja is a basic yet delightful adoration story with the right blend of family feelings. Heavenly first a large portion of, Ram’s adjusted execution and a perfect portrayal are enormous resources for the film. In the event that you disregard the standard way of the script amid the second half, you can joyfully watch this vibe great film with your whole family and begin the new year on a positive note.