Nela Ticket Movie Review & Rating

Nela Ticket Review & Rating

Release Date: 25.05.2018
Rating: 2.0/5.0
Director: Kalyan Krishna
Producer: Ram Talluri
Story: Ravi Teja, Malvika Sharma, Jagapathi Babu
Music: Shakthi Kanth Karthick


Ravi Teja who is a person finds an orphanage to help the people. Jagapati Babu who is a politician – home minister wants to earn more money with his power. One word to say that he is a corrupt minister, he is such bad boy who kills his father.

Rest of the story is that how Ravi Teja handled issues with Jagapathi Babu? Why Jagapati Babu killed his father? How Malvika Sharma

Positive Aspects:-

Nela Ticket is Ravi Teja’s one-man show. Actually, the movie is the best message-oriented, in spite of story movie will be set with a mass element. Some good mass elements and some showcase scenes.

Negative Aspects:-

Songs execution on screen is very dull, the screenplay was not perfect. Comedy scenes were not good.


Overall, Nela Ticket is not set as Ravi Teja’s movie. Alteration to be done for the storyline and all aspects of the movie. It’s a disappointment to those who come for Ravi Teja.