Mukunda Movie Review


Title : Mukunda

Rating : 3/5
    Directed by : Srikanth Addala
    Produced by : Tagore Madu, Nallamalapu Srinivas
    Starring : Varun Tej, Pooja Hegde,
    Music by : Mickey J Meyer


Mukunda(varun Tej) is a school going understudy. One day, his companion falls head over heels in love for the little girl of the compelling civil administrator Rao Ramesh. Mukunda goes into the scene and chooses to go against Rao Ramesh and his energy. In what manner will Mukunda battle with Rao Ramesh ? Where does Pooja Hegde offer with Mukunda on the screen.

Positive Aspects:

Varun Tej role was perfect in the movie. He has an amazing screen presence and looks dashing in all the action sequences. Since it is his debut film, he looks a bit raw. Rao Ramesh is another asset of the film. The way his character has been executed is superb. Pooja Hedge looks gorgeous and Music of the film is superb and all the songs have been shot beautifully.

Negative Aspects:

Routine story is chosen by executive Srikanth Addala. This film is absolutely with the mass character and the romantle is lost. Pooja Hegde’s part is for constrained and has not a lot to do aside from showing up in tunes. The town governmental issues, a youthful school understudy going against the effective man in the town, stuff like this has been secured in numerous movies previously. Beat of the film bites the dust before long and whatever reality that needs to be developed is showcased amid the first half itself. Prakash Raj’s character could have been used all the more in the film.

Technical Aspects:

As said prior, Mickey J Meyer’s music is a tremendous in addition, and his re-recording specifically merits a commendation. Dialogs are conventional and those written for Rao Ramesh are particular and amusing. Screenplay of the film leaves a ton to be sought as the majority of the critical scenes are simply wrapped up in the first half. Altering is nice thus is the foundation score. Creation qualities are great and camerawork showcases the provincial set up perfectly. Chief Srikanth Addala brings out not too bad execution from the youthful legend and uses his tallness and screen vicinity to great utilization.

Conclusion :

In general, Mukunda is an impeccable platform for Varun Tej. This great looking super family saint has stunning screen vicinity and is situated for a brilliant future in Tollywood. At the same time different variables like absence of drama, diversion and sentiment cutoff Varun’s introduction to a degree. At long last, in the event that you go in without much desires and a receptive outlook, you may wind up preferring this film.