Mayuri movie review

Movie: Mayuri
Rating : 3.5/5
Starring : Nayanatara, Aari
Director : Ashwin Saravanan
Producer : C. Kalyan
Music : Ron Ethon Yohaan


Mayuri is set against the scenery of a spooky timberland area called ‘Mayavanam’. A considerable measure of examination is done and a film is additionally made about this area which is spooky by the spirit of a wedded lady named ‘Maya’. Then again, Mayuri (Nayanatara), is a single parent who fills in as a lesser craftsman in Ad movies. One fine day, she runs over this greatly discussed motion picture and chooses to watch it. When the motion picture starts, Mayuri gets an immense stun and figures out that the procedures in the film have a stunning similarity to her genuine living. How is Mayuri identified with these episodes ? What outcomes does she confront in the wake of watching the film ? That structures whatever remains of the story.

Positive Aspects:-

Nayanatara is the greatest resource and significant fascination of this film. She easily sparkles in a creator supported part and at the end of the day demonstrates her acting strength. Nayan shows wonderful feelings amid strained circumstances. All the supporting cast makes a nice showing in their parts. The initial twenty minutes of the film are very exciting. Interim blast is executed great. The second half is totally pressed with exactly strained spooky scenes which are a colossal resource for the film. The foundation score is yet another highlight and lifts to the procedures to a better than average level.

Negative Aspects:-

Movie needs clarity in specific territories which is an enormous mishap for the film. Notwithstanding an exciting portrayal, a few scenes amid the second half get befuddling. Nayanatara’s part ought to have been given a great deal more significance in the second half as she has less screen time. Following a fascinating twenty minutes amid the first a large portion of, some superfluous scenes become the overwhelming focus and ruin the film’s stream. The peak is dragged an excessive amount of which is yet another disadvantage of the film.

Technical Aspects:-

As said over, the foundation score given by Roh Ethan Yoohan is marvelous. Cinematography assumes an imperative part in the film and Sathyan Sooryan made a better than average showing with his camera work. Some pointless scenes could have effectively been altered out by T.S. Suresh. Due credit ought to be given to Ashwin Saravanan for his directional aptitudes. He makes a great showing in taking care of the screenplay, however neglects to portray the story in an unmistakable manner. The specialized qualities are first class as the creators have not bargained in bringing a quality film for the group of onlookers.


Overall, Mayuri shocks you with some spine chilling loathsomeness components. Nayanatara’s execution, an exciting screenplay are colossal resources. Be that as it may, a dragged out peak and the befuddling story-line ruins the enjoyable to a degree. All blood and gore movie sweethearts will without a doubt wind up loving this film however for the rest it is simply one more repulsiveness thriller.