Maharshi FDFS Live Updates

Here is the Mahesh Babu Maharshi FDFS Live Updates.

Time-03:40 AM: Stay Tune for Review

Time-03:35 AM: Showcasing how Rishi is changing everyone to help farmers, its time for Ide Katha song showcase the victory of Rishi

Time-03:25 AM: Kancharapalem hero entry, press meet scene about farmers rolling.

Time-03:20 AM: Mahesh as Farmer picks up the Plough, Its time for Padara Padara song.

Time-03:10 AM: Its time to introduce Rajeev Kanakaala as a bad guy.

Time-03:05 AM: An intense fight and terrific with an emotions.

Time-02:55 AM: Jagapati Babu stops Mahesh and Naresh for plotting, a serious note going on.

Time-02:45 AM: Some village scenes, its time for Paala Pitta song.

Time-02:40 AM: Vidyullekha Raman and Pooja make an entry to Naresh village for company work.

Time-02:38 AM: It’s time for Phir Shuru song.

Time-02:35 AM: Rishi challenges Jagapati Babu in one situation and plans his company branch in India at Naresh’s village

Time-02:30 AM: Jagapati Babu makes an entry as Vivek Mittal, a leading corporate king in India.

Time-02:20 AM: In India hetravels to Ramavaram a village in Godavari district to meet his friend Ravi.

First Half: Movie went with great narration, it’s an inspirational journey. College episodes and comedy timing by Mahesh Babu fans may go gaga.

Time-02:05 AM: Rishi takes leaves to India, Its bang for the interval.

Time-02:03 AM: A special song Nuvvani with montages is going on.

Time-02:00 AM: Done with Flashback, the suspense of Naresh’s character is revealed.

Time-01:55 AM: Rishi stars think big and he lands in the USA.

Time-01:50 AM: Everyone has done their college days, its time to aim to achieve big in life.

Time-01:45 AM: Song elevates the chemistry between Mahesh Babu and Pooja.

Time-01:38 AM: Its time to Everest Anchuna song.

Time-01:35 AM: After fight scenes, Mahesh Babu(Rishi) meets Pooja’s family with some funny episodes.

Time-01:30 AM: Hero elevation bang scene 1, a small fight sequence is on between Mahesh and Mukesh Rishi’s men.

Time-01:25 AM: Visualization of this song take you back days and feel as you are enjoying. Good Cinematography.

Time-01:20 AM: Its time for Chotti Chotti Baatein song with Mahesh Babu, Pooja Hegde, Allari Naresh.

Time-01:15 AM: Actress Pooja Hegde makes an entry some comedy bits rolling between Rishi and Ravi.

Time-01:10 AM: Co actor Allari Naresh makes an entry as Ravi from village. Introduced Tanikella Bharani is as Ravi’s father.

Time-01:05 AM: Mahesh Babu promising speech scene makes the “Success is a Journey” by Rishi.

Time-01:00 AM: Prakash Raj maks an entry and Jayasudha also, both are Rishi parents.

Time-12:55 AM: Movie goes to college days with old friends. An interesting surprise awaits to fans

Time-12:50 AM: Flashback rolling with a Jansi interview.

Time-12:40 AM: Superstar Mahesh Babu entry as a businessman as Rishi Kapoor with Nuvve Samastham song.

Time-12:32 AM: Its Maharshi Show Time. Movie runtime is 178 minutes