Lion Movie Review

Balakarishna Latsest movie Lion is ready to hit theatres on 14 May. Trisha, Radhika Apte are played lead roles in the directon of Satyadev and was produced by Rudrapati Ramana Rao, Mani Sharma composed the music , recently music made a big hit.

Movie: LION
Rating: 3.25/5.
Cast & Crew: N. Balakarishna, Trisha, Radhika Apte
Director: Satyadev
Producer: Rudrapati Ramana Rao
Music Director: Mani Sharma


Balakrishna palyed dual role in this movie. The movie starts with Bose(Balakrishna) ​coming back from coma for eighteen months. As soon as he recovers, Bose is ​suddenly ​mistaken as Godse by everyone around him.​ ​Bose keeps convincing all of them that he is not Godse.
The remaining story is about Who is Bose ? Who is Godse? What is then story of Godse? What does Bose have to do with Godse? What is t​he​ story behind all this ​confusion?

Positive Aspects:-

Balakrishna is the complete self of the film. Right from the word go, he is the centre​ of fascination and gives a force stuffed performance​ yet again​. The way he has showcased distinctive varieties in both his characters is wonderful.​ Balayya’s trademark dialogs and activity successions have been executed well.

Some scenes between Balakrishna and Prakash Raj have turned out well. Second half has ordinary trademark Balayya sort of activity diversion. Trisha looks wonderful and ​suits ​her ​role well.

Prakash ​​Raj does well in his part and is immaculate as the scalawag. Melodies have been shot well and the number highlighting both the courageous women will most likely run well with the masses. Interim blast is the greatest highlight.

Negative Aspects:-

The sentimental track in the middle of Balayya and Trisha is an enormous frustration and riches the stream of the film. Every one of these scenes search senseless for Balayya’s age and could have been completely stayed away from. Radhika Apte has literally nothing to do with the exception of showing up in tunes.

The film has a crazy ride sort of a vibe. After a couple of exceptionally intriguing scenes, pace in the film floats and this proceeds till the film closes. When the turn is uncovered post interim, the film gets unsurprising. Some standard move and pursuing scenes make middle of everyone’s attention.

There are significant escape clauses in the flick which can be found by broad gathering of people effortlessly. There are numerous characters which don’t have legitimate legitimization. Jayasudha is totally squandered in her part.

Technical Aspects:-

Foundation score by Mani Sharma is really respectable and lifts the film to another level. Melodies are just about alright. Dialogues composed for Balayya are first rate and will get fair acclaim from the gathering of people. Screenplay of the film needs center. As said before, some superfluous scenes aggravate the stream of the film.

Going to the executive Satyadeva, he makes an alright introduction and figures out how to showcase Balayya in a glorious light. He extricates great execution from him yet flounders a bit with his portrayal and does not create enough profundity in his story line.


Lion is a complete Balakrishna film. His energy stuffed execution is the significant resource and will run well with the masses. Watch it just for Balayya.

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