krishnatami movie review


Movie: krishnatami Rating : 2.80/5
Starring : Sunil, Dimple Chopade, Nikki Galrani
Producer : Dil Raju
Director : Vasu Varma
Music Director : Dinesh Kanagaratnam


Krishna(Sunil) is a NRI who dependably longs for settling back in India. At whatever point he arranges a trek to India, something turns out badly and he is requested that stay back by his crew. After a state of time, an annoyed Krishna chooses to leave for India without the assent of his crew. When he arrives in India, he gets assaulted by an obscure gathering and carefully gets away from the panic.

Amid this time, Krishna likewise gets stuck in a precarious circumstance and grounds up in a run of the mill Rayalaseema gang. Upon his entry to their home, he gets assaulted once more and survives it as well.To his stun, he discovers that the whole family is after his life. What will Krishna do now ? Why is he being focused on ? In what capacity will he deal with this feared family ? furthermore, where do Nikki Garlani and Dimple Chopade highlight in this set up? To know the answers, you have to watch the film in the theaters.

Positive Aspects:-

Sunil has attempted to give a valiant effort and is as constantly great with his moves. Nikki Garlani makes a not too bad Tollywood make a big appearance and wells in whatever part she is advertised. The last 30 minutes amid the principal half is exceptionally intriguing and has some great minutes.

A specific pursue scene has been executed superbly and hoists the film to an average level. Interim blast and the way anticipation is uncovered amid this time is additionally great. Viva Harsha is great in his part as were Ashutosh Rana and Mukesh Rishi.

Technical Aspects:-

Creation qualities are first rate as the film is shot in some rich districts. Camera work by Chota K Naidu is great and he is the sole explanation behind the film to look outwardly great. Dialogs are good as was the workmanship bearing. No less than three tunes could have been effortlessly altered out in the film.

Going to the chief Vasu Varma, despite the fact that the story line he has picked is OK, his execution is worse than average. Right when the time you feel that the film is getting intriguing, a repetitive screenplay and undesirable scenes become the dominant focal point and make the procedures go haywire.


For the most part, crowd are extremely used to Sunil’s drama and insane accomplishments on screen. In any case, unfortunately, that is missing big time with his part in Krishnashtami. Fascinating interim blast and some parody scenes here and there are essential resources of this film. Watch it just on the off chance that you don’t have anything else to do as this film has just the same old thing new to offer and winds up as a normal and obsolete family dramatization.