Kanche Movie Review

Movie: kanche
Rating: 3.5/4.0
Starring: Varun Tej, Pragya Jaiswal
Director: Krish
Producer: Saibabu Jagarlamudi, Y. Rajeev Reddy
Music: Chirantan Bhatt


The story was set up in the scenery of 1930’s and 40’s and it tracks us back to the Indian scene before autonomy. We get the opportunity to meet Dhupati Hari Babu (Varun Tej), a quiet and made lower white collar class fellow, why should concentrating on make business. Be that as it may, underneath the delicate side he conveys anxiety towards the imperfections in the general public and how a few individuals are building the wall between individuals for their own particular advantages. Seeta Devi (Pragya Jaiswal), the august girly in the same town, becomes hopelessly enamored with Hari Babu. How did the social standards, remorseless and warped personality sets hurt their entitlement to live? What made Hari Babu to turn a trooper? Did he win his adoration? Did he win the war? Did the Kanche (Fence) in the middle of individuals and nations break? You got the opportunity to watch the film to unfasten the locks.

Technical Aspects:-

Considering its financial plan requirements, the war scenes were outwardly extraordinary and we could see a great deal of arranging went into it. Executive Krish’s enthusiasm for specifying helped a ton for the film to produce the whole state of mind and setting of the story, which is occurring amid the World War ll. Cinematography by Gnansekhar, Music by Chirantanbhatt emerges while the creation qualities were choice.

Krish kept up the finest taste of narrating with Kanche too. How he has composed every scene touching the human existences of today is something to be truly praised. The mix of affection story that is going on in a town in India and the World War ll is more than great. Be that as it may, a portion of the dialogs from Sai Madhav Burra sounded worn out and coercive. In spite of the fact that the film is moderate in account, it merits going through.


Krish has made Tollywood a stride higher with his significant movies, his Kanche is another film from him that touches the lives and makes us wonder in the event that we have truly developed as a general public from the previous 70 years, keep watch this movie in theatres.