Kaala Live Updates

Kaala Premier Show Live Updates

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11:55 PM: As the fight come to end, with a Happy note to Dharavi people.

11:45 PM: Movie heading towards climax, with a fight scene

11:35 PM: Some family elevations are rolling

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11:28 PM: Agitation situation for own Dharavi bringing out.

11:20 PM: Rajinikanth Dialouges makes the audience relishes.

11:15 PM: An argumentative situation between Kaala and Hari Dada.

11:10 PM: Some situations make Kaala family back frompolice station.

10:55 PM: This situation makes the fans goose pimples

10:50 PM: post interval Kaala and Shiyaji Shinde discussion is very skilled.

10:32 PM: Its time for interval

10:30 PM: Movie heading towards interval.

10:25 PM: kaala appear in mass style, an intresting scene.

10:18 PM: heated situations between Kaala and others.

10:10 PM: Now fight for Dharavi land.

10:02 PM: Its time for Chittamma song

10:00 PM: Rolling camera for Flash back

09:55 PM: Huma Qureshi (Zareena) makes an entry

09:50 PM: An intresting story moves over

09:45 PM: Rajinikanth style makes an goosebumps start in first single

09:42 PM: Its time for Yama Gretu – single

09:35 PM: Rajinikanth who is an kaala the rescuer.

09:30 PM: Sampath Raj makes an entry disrupt a Dhobhi ghat.

09:25 PM: M ovie starts with an importance of India

09:15 PM: Its Kaala Premier Showtime

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