Hora Hori Review

Movie: Hora Hori

Rating : 2.5/5

Starring : Dileep, Daksha, Ashwini, Chaswa

Director : Teja

Producer : KL Damodara Prasad

Music : Kalyani Koduri


Basawa(Chaswa) is a feared criminal who becomes hopelessly enamored with Maithili(Daksha). He continues ruining all her propositions to be engaged and these ghastly occurrences take a toll on Maithili’s wellbeing totally With a specific end goal to improve things, Maithili’s sibling moves her to a little town in Karnataka. There, she becomes hopelessly enamored with a little time businessperson Skanda(Dileep). Turn in the story emerges when Basawa goes to the same town and gets some answers concerning Maithili and her relationship.

Positive Aspects:-

Real in addition to purpose of the film is the female lead Daksha. She is unquestionably a discover and will go far in her vocation. Daksha looks delightful and conveys eminent feelings all through the film. For a newcomer, she is very great and every one of her scenes with Dileep have turn out well. Kalyan Koduri’s experience score is yet another resource of the film. It is a result of his enamoring score the film is raised to a tolerable level. Creation qualities are great and the new visuals look enthralling. Legend Dileep makes an alright showing for his first film yet unfortunately, he doesn’t get enough extension to perform. To begin with half makes them fuss minutes and certain comic drama scenes including Jabardasth Raghava and Rakesh bring out not too bad snickers. Both the entertainers attempt to rescue the film with their drama. The primary lowlife Chaswa has influence well and can possibly go the distance.

Negative Aspects:-

In some of his late meetings, Teja uncovered that Hora Hori is similar to a repeat of Jayam which is totally genuine. In any case, unfortunately, it is an extremely obsolete endeavor which does not have the obliged components. Subsequent to setting up the miscreant’s character so firmly amid the starting, Teja weakens his part and makes it non viable. The film has a thrill ride impact and after each intriguing scene, the procedures bring a serious beating with some normal and exhausting scenes. Despite the fact that the film has enough feelings, they are not helped through till the end. You feel let down with the anticipated screenplay and Teja’s standard portrayal. Pace of the film is entirely moderate as the procedures set aside their own opportunity to disclose. Peak is excessively cleashed and has nothing but the same old thing new, making it impossible to offer. Story is entirely old and has not a lot energizing going its direction.

Technical Aspects:-

Camera work is dazzling as the areas and precipitation impact have been showcased magnificently. Generation qualities are very great as the film’s set up is respectable. Teja’s screenplay is a gigantic let down as the film falls level with some obsolete and routine scenes. Music by Kalyan Koduri is radiant as every one of the tunes have been formed and shot well. Altering is worse than average as the film is a smidgen too ache for a basic plot. Teja could have made the procedures fresh, rather he portrays the film in his own pace and crown jewels the story’s substance.


Overall, Hora Hori has a fascinating preface and is great just in odds and ends. Other than the satisfying visuals and spellbinding foundation score, the procedures are let around a normal story, moderate portrayal and an extremely worn out peak. In the event that you have viewed Jayam, then Hora Hori is precisely on those lines yet the catch here is that it is extremely obsolete and can be disregarded securely this weekend.