Dongata Movie Review

Movie: Dongata
Rating: 3/5.
Director: Vamshi Krishna
Producer: Lakshmi Manchu
Cast & Crew: Lakshmi Manchu, Brahmanandam, Adivi Sesh, Prabhakar
Music : Raghu Kunche

Dongata has finally hit screens with a perfect release. Lakshmi Manchu is producing the film and her daughter Vidya Niravana is presenting the film for the first time.


The story is about an actress Shruti (role played by Lakshmi Manchu), who gets kidnapped by three persons. Who are they, Why they kidnapped her, How she saves herself from the clutches of the kidnappers is the sum and substance of the comedy entertainer.

Performances :-

Lakshmi Manchu is very much a disclosure in film. Alongside her acting ability, she endeavored to demonstrate numerous different aptitudes she groups. She plays an activity courageous woman in the film and her battle scenes seem really regular since she has taken an uncommon preparing in tricks and kick boxing before the film. Lakshmi earned some brownie focuses with her comic timing however she needs to enhance a great deal on her Telugu style.

Evidently, Lakshmi Manchu demonstrated that she is honored with numerous gifts by murmuring a melody. Adivi Sesh, Madhu Nandan and Prabhakar were sufficiently adept for their parts. One to say here is Brahmanandam since he stole the whole show evidently. Each scene he showed up was snicker riot.

Jaya Prakash Reddy, Madhu, 30 years Prithvi, Pragathi and numerous more prepared humorists and on-screen characters made Dongata a comical watch with their jokes.

Positive Aspects:-

> Lakshmi Manchu’s Performance

> Direction

> Punch dialogues

> Special Song with Tollywood Stars

Negative Aspects:-

> Slow Narration

> Routine Story

Technical Aspects:-

Director Vamsi Krishna appears to have focused all the more on the additional components of the film as opposed to the primary fixings that are needed. Dongata needs fascinating screen play however it has couple of turns in the story. Consequently falls level after a point and It gets excessively unsurprising in the second half.

Be that as it may, intriguing first a large portion of, couple of amusing scenes and great dialogs kept it going. Music by Sai Karthik, Satya Mahaveer and Raghu Kunche is very great. Yendiro melody in the first half and Pub Mix tune with all the stars in the second half, brought in a few shrieks from the masses. Cinematography of the film takes the platform.


With a tinge of opinion and dramatization and huge amounts of parody substance, Dongata breezes through off the litmus test. At long last, Lakshmi Manchu scored an amazing parody performer in her kitty. Go issue it a watch.