Courier boy kalyan movie review

Movie: Courier Boy Kalyan
Rating: 3.0/5.
Starring: Nitin, Yami Gautam
Director: prem sai
Producer: Gautham Menon
Music: Anup Rubens


Kalyan (Nithin) who stopped his degree after turns messenger kid at Professional Couriers just to meet Kavya (Yami Gautam), deals young lady at Khadi Bhandar in Hyderabad. After couple of trials Kavya reacts positively for Kalyan’s adoration signs and she chooses to meet him by and by. However Kalyan gets a messenger to conveyance to social laborer Satyamurthy (Nassar) yet he has stunning occurrences in store for him. To know more about it watch Courier Boy Kalyan on screen.

Positive Aspects:-

The way it has been set in a contemporary approach needs appreciation. Nithin has made a nice showing and conveys the film on his shoulders. Story of the film is very new and has an interesting reason. He is incredibly great in all the sentimental scenes and shares a fair science with Yami. Ashutosh Rana is alright as the degenerate specialist. Yami looks exquisite yet does not have much to do in the film. To start with a large portion of the film makes them entomb minutes. The sentimental track is great and the turns that come amid the interim clear a path for a scandalous second half.

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Negative Aspects:-

The significant disadvantage of Courier Boy Kalyan are the tunes. Despite the fact that they sound great and have been shot well, they are a colossal unsettling influence. It obviously demonstrates that the producers have included these tunes just for business feasibility yet tragically, they hamper the procedures for sure. Peak of the film gazes rushed upward and make you feel that the procedures ought to have gone a touch longer. After a blustery first half, portrayal of the film takes an extreme beating and degrades the inclination somewhat. The producers ought to have effectively added more excites and show to upgrade the procedures.

Courier Boy Kalyan poster

Technical Aspects:-

Karthik and Anup Rubens music regards listen. In any case, the same time these melodies are speed breakers to the story portrayal and testing the persistence of viewers . Verses astute melodies are great. Sandeep Chauta’s experience score is simply alright. Satya Ponmar’s cinematography is entirely common. Proofreader Praveen Pudi had opportunity to trim(20-25 minutes) some more scenes and interim tune, second half tune which changes the motion picture result without a doubt. Dialogs by Kona Venkat & Harsha vardhan are simply alright. Fine art is terrible, you can watch one melody which was picturised in completely white foundation. Creation Values of “Photon Kathaas” is not terrible.


An attempt to actuate pointless business components in an extremely fascinating and drawing in idea, the outcome is Courier Boy Kalyan. The film which could been a better than average thriller is truly discouraged with the landing of tunes and a picked up the pace peak. Be that as it may, a blustery first half, and some captivating rushes rescue the film which winds up as only an alright watch.