Bengal Tiger Live Updates

Time: 4:35AM: Movie completed, keep watch for Movie review

Time: 4:30AM: Climax done

Time: 4:25AM: Revenge by Aakash on CM is dealt nicely. movie heading towards climax

Time: 4:10AM: Its time for next song

Time: 4:00AM: Boman Irani , Aakash Father Jayannarayana Flash back episodes

Time: 3:45AM: Raashi Khanna two piece bikini scene appeals to mass audience

Time: 3:35AM: Parody on PowerStar real stunts shot filmed Posani Krishna Murali is mediocre .

Time: 3:30AM: Second half begins.. Tamannah entered as Meera

Time: 3.11AM: Its time for Interval

Time: 3:10AM: Interval Scene with a twist is good.

Time: 2:50AM: No story so far, but director sampath Nandi infused enough comedy scenes and commercial elements

Time: 2:40AM: Prudhvi excels in a Tollywood wanna be hero character

Time: 2:30AM: Raashi Khanna Introduction. Ravi Teja, as a protector to her , fight shot on Hyderabad Outer Ring road is Good.

Time: 2:25AM: In an election campaign he throws stone to hurt cabinet minister, subsequently become an associate of same minister.

Time: 2:18AM: Raviteja is a personality who is willing to do anything to become famous, to be popular in Media

Time: 2:10AM: Its time for Title song.

Time: 2:05AM: Fight is with Sakshi Priyandarshini Ram.

Time: 2:00AM: Movie just now started…

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