Avunu 2 Review

Movie: Avunu 2
Rating: 3.2/5
Starring: Harshvardhan Rane, Poorna, Sanjana, Nikita Thukral
Directed : Ravi Babu
Produced : Ravi Babu, D. Suresh Babu
Music: Sekhar Chandra


As indicated in the first part, Mohini(Poorna) and Harsha(Harshvardhan Rane) some how get away from the fiendishness soul of Captain Raju(Ravi Babu) and movement to rich level in the city. One fine day, they go to Kasi and meet a sadhu who gives Mohini a sacrosanct string to stay safe from the underhandedness soul. The couple return home and begin living joyfully. Wind in the story emerges when Captain Raju’s soul comes back to frequent Mohini once more. In what capacity will Mohini escape from this wickedness soul ? Will the hallowed string help Mohini in sparing her life ? To know answers to these inquiries, you have to watch the film on the extra large screen.

Positive Aspects:-

Real credit ought to go to Ravi Babu for executing the film in truly an average way. The creation qualities are radiant and showcase the film in a wonderful light. At the end of the day, Poorna is the inside of fascination of the second part also. She depicts her part convincingly and acquires a great deal of profundity to the film. The area picked and the innovation utilized as a part of the film is great. Representation showcased are truly characteristic and have been planned convincingly.

Harshvardhan Rane has enhanced rapidly with his acting aptitudes. The way he has gone about his part is amazing. He is especially great in one of the scenes where he is fixed up to a seat. Second a large portion of the film is very indecent as the force in the processes is raised with these grasping scenes. Yet another in addition to purpose of the film is the run time. As the film is just 1 hour 40 minutes, things move at an energetic pace.

Negative Aspects:-

Real downside of the film is the absence of spooky minutes. Each one of the individuals who have seen the trailers and go in supposing it is a frightfulness film will be mixed up totally. Avunu 2 is an anticipation thriller which is unsurprising a large portion of the times. In the first place a large portion of the film is routine and has the same idea which Avunu had. The individuals who have seen the first part may get exhausted amid this time. Peak of the film is very basic and rushed up a bit. Ravi Varma’s character goes over board amid the first half.

Technical Aspects:-

As said prior, generation estimations of the film are splendid. The house picked and the way Ravi Babu uses its each niche and corner is great. Foundation score is the principle element for any blood and gore movie, yet tragically, it is the greatest downside of Avunu 2. The score created gets disturbing after a point and frequents you till the end. Coming to Ravi Babu, he doesn’t test much and showcases better than average excites in the film. The way he has paced the whole second half will be loved by every last one. Altering is smooth and suits splendidly for movies in these class.


All in all, Avunu 2 has some decently executed and drawing in minutes. The reason picked, the second half and good exhibitions from the lead cast are fundamental resources. Each one of the individuals who have seen Avunu may have their confinements about the first half. In any case for the individuals who haven’t seen it, this film can be given a shot and is effortlessly justified regardless of their valuable time.