Aravindha Sametha Live Updates, FDFS

Aravindha Sametha Live Updates, Aravindha Sametha FDFS
Aravindha Sametha Live Updates

Aravindha Sametha Live Updates, Aravinda Sametha FDFS

Time-4:50 AM: Movie end with an emotional note. Aravindha Sametha Movie Review and Rating is here

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Time-4:45 AM: Movie heading towards climax, fight scenes are showcased very well.

Time-4:40 AM: A massive fight of villagers with an high voltage voilence visuals.

Time-4:35 AM: Jr NTR dance feels the fans to dance in the hall.

Time-4:30 AM: Its time for Reddy Ikkada Soodu song

Time-4:25 AM: An ferocious scenes going right now.

Time-4:20 AM: Subhaleka Sudhakar makes an entry, NTR and Naveen Chandra key note discussion going on.

Time-4:10 AM: Its time for Peniviti song, touching the emotions.

Time-4:05 AM: Director Trivikram penned very masterly for this scene.

Time-4:02 AM: Rao Ramesh makes an entry, a noteworthy scenes going on between Veera Raghava (Jr NTR) and Rao Ramesh.

Time-3:58 AM: An serious scene rooling between Jagapathi Babu and Naveen Chandra.

Time-3:56 AM: Famous actress Eshwari Rao amkes an entry.

Time-3:52 AM: Some important discussion going on between Veera Raghava (Jr NTR) and Aravindha (Pooja Hegde).

Time-3:40 AM: Movie heading towards the interval, best Movie Twists & Surprise Ending with a break.

Time-3:35 AM: For the first time director Trivikram showcases another side of his directional skills.

Time-3:30 AM: Once again massive fighting scene rolling with a intense and rough. Some twist arrises in the story.

Time-3:20 AM: Movie moving towards to the emotional scene with Veera Raghava by village people.

Time-3:15 AM: Both Veera Raghava (Jr NTR) and Aravindha (Pooja Hegde) looking very winsome.

Time-3:10 AM: Its time for Anaganaganaga Song.

Time-3:05 AM: Some family scenes are rolling between Veera Raghava (Jr NTR) and Aravindha (Pooja Hegde).

Time-3:00 AM: Its time to meet with each other Veera Raghava (Jr NTR) and Aravindha (Pooja Hegde).

Time-2:56 AM: Some notable scenes between NTR and Sunil going on.

Time-2:51 AM: Co star Eesha Rebba also introduced.

Time-2:50 AM: Actress Pooja Hegde introduced as Aravindha.

Time-2:45AM: Supriya Pathak role was strapping in grandmother role.

Time-2:40 AM: Supriya Pathak as Jr NTR’s grandmother, Devayani and family members makes an entry.

Time-2:35 AM: Some emotional scenes are elevating with an Rudhiram background.

Time-2:30 AM: SS Thaman makes the Background were super, it was a high voltage massive fight.

Time-2:28 AM: Fight scene with Rudhiram theme background.

Time-2:22 AM: Jr NTR makes entry as Veera Raghava Reddy.

Time-2:20 AM: Actor Naveen Chandra makes an entry with a leading role.

Time-2:18 AM: Sunil makes an entry with narrating the flashback. Some faction scenes between Jagapathi babu gang and Nagababu going on.

Time-2:12 AM: NTR voiceover message rolling.

Time-2:10 AM: Its show time, with runtime 167 minutes.

All set for Aravindha Sametha USA premiere show.