Akhil Movie Review

Movie: Akhil
Rating: 2.75/5.0
Starring: Akkineni Akhil Chowdary, Sayesha Saigal, Bramhanandam, Mahesh Manjrekar
Director: V. V. Vinayak
Producer: Nithiin, Sudhakar Reddy
Music: Anup Rubens



It is about introduction. It is about Generation Next. It is all about Akkineni’s. Launching of AKHIL Akkineni done with a Mass entertainer AKHIL Movie. When “Mass SAMRAT” AKHIL, son of Manmadhudu , holds the power of the SUN in one hand and his Lady love in the other hand, what can we expect is only entertainment. When Romance is key ingredient of AKKINENIs family, Next generation kid proves that Akkinenis are no more less in DANCES and also far better in fights. He tried for different image. Let us see how the movie turns out and how the new heart throb AKHIL performed in his first movie.


Many years ago, Man discovered a metal JUA which keeps earth safe from the rays of SUN during eclipse. It is the only alternate power to keep earth safe from SUN Rays during ECLIPSES. Katrochi, the villain is searching for that power which is protecting, by an African tribe in Kambolia. Akhil went to kambolia for Sayesha. How Sayesha  involved in JUA issue. How Akhil saves her? What happens next is the rest of the story.


Definitely Akhil Akkineni is having a great future ahead. His dances are spectacular. His style is awesome and definitely a heart winner. His voice resembles Nagarjuna in his Mid Years. His dialogue delivery is perfect. Few emotional scenes are carried by his voice alone. Sayesha Saigal grand daughter of Yester year hero Dilip Kumar, done her best in this hero introductory movie. She is ok with the looks. Rajendra Prasad garu steals the show as usual. Mahesh Manjrekar has nothing much but to support the hero in VINAYAK style. Brahmanandam and Vennela Kishore comedy is just ok.

Director and Team:

V V Vinayak has done his best to showcase the talents of AKHIL and succeeded. Film proves why he is best in Hero introductions after Raghavendra Rao garu. Veligonda Srinivas written a good concept of saving JUA the powerful metal on earth. Thaman and Anoop Rubens both composed the music and background for the movie. Background music is good compared to the songs. Amol Rathod did splendid job showcasing the foreign locations.Cinematography is excellent. Kona venkat and Gopi Mohan, they repeated their formula in Vinayak style this time. Nithin as a producer kept his heartful support in  this movie. VFX in fight with BLACK cheetah is good.


AKHIL is good launching for Akkineni Akhil to showcase his dancing, dialogues and fighting skills. But movie seems to be a routine Telugu drama despite the point of JUA is innovative. As movie released on diwali, and as AKHIL AKKINENI , SIXERs hero in the Cricket ground, testing his luck in tollywood for the time. WISH the team AKHIL Movie, could get the success too.