24 movie review

Movie: 24
Rating : 3.8/5
Director : Vikram Kumar
Starring : Suriya, Samantha, Nithya Menen
Producer : Suriya
Music Director : A. R. Rahman

Story: –
Suriya in dual role one as scientist(Shiva kumar) and other as an villain(Artheya). Scientist create a watch which makes the world into hands with convenient. As the routine that villain interested to capture the watch it that way he kills everyone who comes in the middle. Scientist killed by Artheya(Villain). Rest of the story is that how the watch saved formed villan and the how the world has changed with the watch.

Positive Aspects:-
Suriya steals the show by his dual role performance. The movie story makes the fans and all the viewers in very interest, actor suriya looking super in dual rolesand the makes the movie as one man show. Samantha and Suriya love track was a plus point for the movie and the movie is a full of scientific issue by the watch. Nitya Menon was looking good and makes the wife character of Scientist Suriya. Ajay is the back bone of the movie and makes the support with villan.

Negative Aspects:-
Coming to the negative shade of movie is the length. The movie is all get set with a super story but the logics will not hit for viewers in that way movie will not reach to any one with one time watch. It was an imaginable that how the world will freeze by the watch. In telugu version some songs were not much as good.

Technical Aspects:-
Movie was technically super good and makes the movie to reach in high range. Screen play was super and the movie directed in a secured manner without any violations. Background score was super and over all the movie directed super

Over all movie was super, its makes the mind fresh with a different story. Actor Suriya’s stardom taken to top level by this project. Vikram Kumar story likes every one with his creative. Finally, with out expectations keep watch suriya 24movie.