Yevade Subramanyam Review

Yevade Subramanyam review

Movie: Yevade Subramanyam
Release date : Mar 21, 2015
Rating : 3.5/5
Director : Nag Ashwin
Producer : Priyanka Dutt
Music Director : Radhan
Starring : Nani, Malavika Nair.

Nani’s as characterized as Subramanyam, a corporate man who sets out on a journey of self-discovery. Produced by Priyanka Dutt, Malavika Nair, Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma in supporting roles. Much of the filming took place on Mount Everest at the Everest Base Camp, becoming the first Telugu film to be shot at the location

Story :-

Nani(Subramanyam) is a manager of a multi-million organization headed by Nasser. He is additionally connected with to his daughter(Ritu Varma) and is the top position in the organization. As time antiquated by, one of his business arrangements arrives in a bad position and Subramanyam frantically begins paying special mind to an answer. This is additionally the time when he meets his youth companion Rishi(Vijay Devarakonda) and Anandi(Malavika Nair). A surprising episode including Rishi causes a gigantic setback to Subramanyam’s proficient and individual life. left of the story How can it change the world around Subramanyam ?

Positive Aspects:-

Creation estimations of the film are first class thus are the visuals. Unbelievable on-screen character Krishnam Raju is magnificent in his cameo and gives the essential profundity to the film. Ritu Varma looks lovely and is adept in her part of a rich young lady. In Tollywood the makers ought to be lauded for going for something new. At the end of the day, Nani demonstrates what a force place of ability he is. He showcases experienced feelings in the second half and is first class as a practical businessperson in the first. Malavika Nair and Vijay Devarakonda are doubtlessly a find for Tollywood. Malavika is great in her part yet it is Vijay who leaves with the cake. His part of Rishi has been composed especially well and the youthful performer does complete equity to his character. To begin with a large portion of the film is fascinating and runs on a lively pace.

Negative Aspects:-

In the wake of beginning off on a positive note, the film turns into somewhat abate amid the second part. Interim piece and some key scenes including the real bend could have been taken care of well. There is noticing much energizing in the second half as the film gets to be unsurprising. Length of the film is likewise a touch too long asmany scenes could have been effortlessly edited. The are truly no business components which is a major let down for the mass gathering of people. A few feelings amid the second half don’t join well. Certain transitioning scenes including Nani don’t make the important effect.

Technical Aspects:-

Music of the film is mitigating however it is the background score which takes the film to a respectable level. Dialogs are significant and particularly those composed for Krishnam Raju are heavenly. Screenplay is fresh till the first half yet gets impeded amid the second. Story thought is novel and the way debutante executive Nag Ashwin executes it is likewise great.


All in all, Yevade Subramanyam is a transitioning film which is certain to do well in the A focuses. Fascinating story, decently executed first half and Nani’s execution are colossal resources. On the other side, a moderate second half and absence of essential excitement won’t run well with the mass group of onlookers and cutoff the range of this not too bad film to a degree.