Yenthavadu Gani Review


Movie: Yentavaadu Gani
Rating : 3.5/5
Director : Gautham Menon
Starring : Ajith, Trisha, Anushka
Producer : S.Aishwarya
Music : Harris Jayraj


Ajith(SatyadevAjith) is a police, hw eill not care anyone. One day a gangster as Victor(Arun Vijay) abruptly assaults Satyadev’s companion Anushka(Chandramukhi).Victor tries difficult to kill Chandramukhi yet comes up short assuredly. Things get terrible and Chandramukhi is given overwhelming cop protection. This is likewise the time that Chandramukhi comes to realize that Victor is an old foe of Satydev and shares an individual grudge with him and his wife Trisha(Hemanika). Rest of the movie is how does he do with Satyadev and his family.

Positive Aspects:-

Gautam Menon story is very good and made the very intest to watch. The movie screenplay is very good and all the places ajith played a marvelous action. Arun Vijay acted as negative part. The way he faces an effective on-screen character like Ajith says a lot of his acting. Anushka suits superbly in her part. The preclimax and all the pursuing scenes have been planned well. The bond that is showcased in the middle of Ajith and his little girl is showcased well. Science in the middle of Ajith and Trisha is crackling and their sentimental track has magnificent minutes.

Negative Aspects:-

After a drawing in begin, the film gets enthusiastic and impedes a bit. Pace of the film drops and screenplay gets somewhat unsurprising. Anushka’s track needs clarity and could have been taken care of well. Yentavadu Gaani is tricky and movements tracks all off a sudden. What begins off as anrevenge dramatization turns very passionate. The film gets truly genuine before long and each one of the individuals who look for consistent amusement may be baffled. Length of the film is a smidgen too long as the executive goes into much an excess of pointless points of interest and scenes. There are sure rationales which turn up gone in the film.

Technical Aspects:-

Music was the greatest resource for the Tamil form, however is just about alright in terms of Telugu. Foundation score is great and lifts the film to a fair level. Dialogs are contemporary and suit the disposition of the film. Altering is less than impressive as various scenes could have been effectively altered out to make the film fresh. Going to the executive Gautam Menon, he has taken a basic subject and described it with a grasping screenplay. The way he has carved out intense characters is really great.


All in all, Yentvadu Gaani is yet another enthusiastic cop show from Gautam Menon. Ajith and Arun Vijay’s energy stuffed execution and grasping screenplay are significant resources of this film. The film goes off track numerous a times and is a bit too long. Pointed unmistakably at specialty group of onlookers, this film will do well in the “A” focuses and is only an one time look for the rest.