Uttama Villain Movie Live Updates

Uttama Villain is Tamil movie was directed by Ramesh Aravind and written by Kamal Haasan. Presented by N. Lingusamy in association with Kamal Haasan and produced by S. Chandrahasan for Raaj Kamal Films International and N. Subash Chandrabose for Thirrupathi Brothers. Uttam villan movie Starrer by Kamal Hassan, Jayaram, Andrea Jeremiah, Pooja Kumar, Nassar, Parvathi, Parvathy Nair and Urvashi. Directors K. Viswanath and K. Balachander plays cameo roles in the film.

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09:45 PM:- Climax done…Movie end

09:35 PM:- Emotional climax is now rooling with twist…..

09:30 PM:- Heading towards the climax with emotional story

09:25 PM:- A twist in a story movie towards serious..

09:20 PM:- Some scenes are appearing effectively

09:15 PM:- comedy between Kamal Haasan and Nasser.

09:10 PM:- Movie once again shifts to flashback mode

08:55 PM:- Next song is rooling…..

08:50 PM:- Movie has turned to the Uttama Villain project..

08:45 PM:- Movie entered to flashback mode..

08:40 PM:- Balachander and Kamal Haasan combination is superb

08:32 PM:- scene between Nasser and Pooja

08:25 PM:- Comedy scene between Nasser and Kamal Hassan

08:20 PM:- Movie is moving towards concept…

08:08 PM:- Its time for Interval

08:05 PM:- Movie heading towards interval

08:00 PM:- Scenes between Kamal Hassan and Nasser

07:55 PM:- Nasser entry as comedy villan “Devaraju”

07:50 PM:- Daughter and father sentiment scene now

07:45 PM:- Second song rolling now…

07:38 PM:- The movie named as ‘Uttama Villain’

07:35 PM:- Kamal Haasan and k Balachander are top filmmakers, Both want to make a film

07:30 PM:- The legendary Balachander entry as Director

07:27 PM:- Parvathy Menon entry as a daughter

07:22 PM:- Flashback scene rolling now.

07:20 PM:- Jayaram enty as Jacob..

07:15 PM:- Again some film featuring scenes

07:10 PM:- Some Scenses between K Vishwanath and Urvasi

07:05 PM:- Legendary K Vishwanath and Urvasi make an entry

06:55 PM:- gorgeous Andrea makes an entry…

06:50 PM:- First song by Kamal and Pooja Kumar

06:43 PM:- Kamal Haasan blast entry

06:39 PM:- A tribute to K Balachander

06:35 PM:- The movie started now it is 172 minutes length

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