Surya and Jyothika On-Screen romance



It is pleased to see some combination of the silver screen. Especially in the real-life brothers, father, son, grandfather, grandchildren, wife, husband played together on the silver screen is a pleasure to the audience. Such a combination is soon to become Workout. About ten years ago, Jyothika and Surya in love and were married. As per the Tamil film industry sources, we known the information that starring Surya, Jyothika again been reported ready to play a role.

Jyothika has been away from the movies of marriage. She recently starred in the film the audience came forward to re -entry. Many directors made the scripts for this couple. A script of the film will enjoy the two well. And this film may starts very soon. In the next year, audience have the opportunity to see the on-screen romance of Surya and Jyothika.