Rough Movie Review


    Title : Rough
    Rating :2.25/5
    Directed by : C.H.Subba Reddy
    Produced by : M. Abhilash
    Starring : Aadi, Rakul Preet Singh
    Music by : Mani Sharma

Young hero Aadi, After the success of Gaalipatam, he is now back with the mass entertainer Rough. Directed by Subba Reddy, this film has struck the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


Chandhu (Aadi) is an orphan who falls in love with Nandhu (Rakul Preet Singh), a college student and decides to marry her. Later on, he comes to know that Nandhu is the only sister of a rich business man, Siddharth (Srihari).
One day, Chandhu directly meets Siddharth and reveals his covet of marrying his sister. As usual Siddharth gets shocked, upset and challenges Chandhu to make his sister Nandu fall in love with him. Will Nandhu accept Chandhu’s love ? How does Chandu impress Nandu and wins her heart forms the rest of the story.

Positive Aspects:

Aadi is improving with every film and giving a mature performance after Galipatam. He has worked very hard He is good with his dances and has shown superb dancing skills. Speaking of Rakul Preet Singh, she looks gorgeous and complements Aadi with her decent performance.
The late Srihari garu, played a crucial role gives a commanding performance as a loving brother. The performances of Raghubabu, Shiva Reddy and other comedians are good enough. The gladiatorial scenes between Aadi and Srihari have been projected well. Scenes during the interval episode are good.

Negative Aspects:

The major minus point of the film is the foreseeable story line.Many comedians come and go in the film making the screenplay confusing. The entire first half has nothing except for a few comedy scenes which are quite routine.
Second half has been stretched too far and only increases the run time. The love track between the lead pair is not established well and Rakul Preet’s fans will definitely be disappointed as there is not much tinsel.

Technical Aspects:

Cinematography of the film is good and especially the songs have been shot well. Mani Sharma’s music is decent but the background score is not up to the mark. The editor has done a poor job as he could have easily cut off many extended scenes to reduce the run time.
Director Subba Reddy has chosen a routine love story and completely failed in executing it. Screenplay of the film could have been much better and the dialogues are just ok.


On the whole, ‘Rough’ is unsatisfactory mass entertainer which lacks an interesting story line. Aadi’s performance and a few emotional scenes are here and there are the only saving grace in this film which is quite outdated and boring.