Ram’s Next is Remake of Premam?

Ram’s hopeless keep running in the cinematic world has finished with Pandaga Chesko ending up being a hit. He scored the tremendously required accomplishment after a cap trap of lemon. He is at present relentless with activities like Shivam and Harikatha on hands. Shivam will be discharged in September and Harikatha is prone to discharge before the current year’s over.

In the mean time he got the Telugu revamp privileges of Malayalam blockbuster Premam coordinated by Alphonse Puthren. In the event that the buzz is to be accepted Ram’s uncle Ravi Kishore purchased the Telugu revamp privileges of Premam at an extravagant cost. We can’t expect Sravanthi Ravi Kishore doing this film with any legend other than Ram.

Ram’s journal is occupied until the end of this current year. He may begin dealing with Premam redo from January. It would be intriguing to see who will wield the amplifier for this film as it is not simple for any chief to reproduce the enchantment of the first. Premam had Alphonse’s stamp all over and it would be a tight rope to stroll for any individual who takes up the employment of changing it.