Rakshasudu Movie Review Rating


Director : Venkat Prabhu

Producer : Gnanavel Raja K E

Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Starring : Suriya, Nayantara, Parthiban

365cinekhajana Rating : 3 /5

Rakshasudu’ is one of the eagerly awaited movie of this season. This film has made an uncommon buzz all over South India and has released over 1900 screens everywhere throughout the world. How about we perceive how it is.

Story :-

Masss (Suriya) is a nice youth who picks uncommon approaches to misdirect individuals with the assistance of his companions. In this procedure, he meets with a lethal mishap one fine day and endures real wounds. Starting here of time, some unbelievable occurrences begin occurring in his life. This is likewise the time when Malini(Nayanatara) comes into his life and Masss falls in profound adoration with her.

As time cruises by, various dead souls continue frequenting Masss with whom he imparts consistently. One among them is the soul which looks precisely like him. Who is that soul ? Why is it irritating Masss ? also, How are they identified with one another ? To know answers to every one of these inquiries, you have to watch the film on the extra large screen.


Plus Points :-

Suriya’s astounding execution is the real in addition to point for this repulsiveness show. His in vogue look is a major aid for the film and Suriya has slipped into both the characters no sweat and eagerness. He shows brilliant characteristics in both these parts which are very diverse to one another.

The second half is the most riveting part in the film. It unwinds amid the blaze back and manages a decent measurement of feelings which are hypnotizing for the group of onlookers. The initial fifteen minutes of the motion picture and the interim blast are great and have great impact on the crowd.

Humorist Premgi Amaren, who played Suriya’s sidekick has done complete equity to his part. His interesting track gives great excitement to the group of onlookers. All the remaining on-screen characters have performed at standard and conveyed equalization to the story.


Negative Points :-

The significant deficiency of this repulsiveness show is the first 50% of the film. After the starting presentation of the considerable number of characters, executive Venkat Prabhu fouled up the story and selected some worse than average comic scenes.

Regardless of having a top performer as the female lead, the creators were not ready to use Nayanatara’s acting abilities totally. Her character required a ton of foundation and clarity in the story.

Some superfluous scenes emerge in the plot frequently and upset the stream of the motion picture. The strange representation in the first half are not up to the imprint and neglect to energize the group of onlookers.


Technical Aspects :-

Executive has etched out both characters of Suriya with a ton of consideration yet neglected to make this film a drawing with sickening dread flick. Screenplay is normal as the chief has not given careful significance to the plot which is fascinating just in bits and parts.

Yuvan Shankar Raja gave a great foundation score yet his melodies need freshness. Verses are not all that fascinating. There are numerous extensive scenes which could have been effectively altered by Praveen KL.

Cinematographer RD Rajasekhar made a nice showing with the visuals.  The creation qualities are likewise great as the producers have not bargained on any portion of the motion picture.


Conclusion :-

Overall, Suriya’s “Rakshasudu” is enlivening just in odds and ends. The creators have guaranteed that it had all the business components however neglected to make it drawing in for the group of onlookers. Given the way that Suriya is an entrenched performing artist in Tollywood, due credit ought to be credited to him for his striking choice in selecting a whimsical subject. Suriya’s fans will altogether appreciate this flick yet for the rest it is a normal issue.