Rakshasudu Movie Live Updates




Updated at 12:26 PM

Movie ends with an intense fight .

Updated at 12:17 PM

Movie is heading towards climax.

Updated at 12:02 PM

An interesting twist in the tale now

Updated at 11:50 AM

Tamil hero Jai makes an entry in a cameo appearance .

Updated at 11:38 AM

An emotional track is going on . Suriya is at his best .

Updated at 11:29 AM

Time for the third song ‘Nevve Cheliya’ , shot in an exquisite way

Updated at 11:22 AM

Post interval movie shifts to flash back story.. Pranitha Subash has been introduced .

Updated at 11:01 AM

A fight sequence is going on . Movie is heading towards interval

Updated at 10:54 AM

A big surprise for the audience .

Updated at 10:46 AM

Time for the second song , Shot in an interesting way …

Updated at 10:40 AM

A comedy track is going on between Suriya and Brahmanandam .

Updated at 10:35 AM

Some funny scenes are on now. Suriya is interacting with the souls .

Updated at 10:30 AM

Time for some graphics .. Suriya is fighting with the souls of dead persons .

Updated at 10:20 AM

A heavy duty fight sequence is on and Suriya met with a huge accident at the end of the fight

Updated at 10:15 AM

Brahmanandam is introduced as the dean of a hospital

Updated at 10:13 AM

Nayanatara makes an entry in this song

Updated at 10:10 AM

Time for the first song ‘ Massu Massu ‘

Updated at 10:05 AM

Suriya makes a superb and stylish entry .. Huge roar in the hall

Updated at 10:00 AM

Titles are rolling down with a special thanks to Prabhas and UV Creations