Live Updates : PK (Aamir Khan,Anushka Sharma)

12:00 PM :Aamir’s performance, Anushka’s intelegence, Social Awarness Message, Twists are the highlights second half

11:48 AM : Climax is mind blowing. Battle with truth and god! Must watch.

11:45 Am : Movie Ended with a good message to society.

11:43 AM : Feel the pain of losing someone special in PK

11:42 AM : People like unique things! Now proven with PK

11:40 AM : An interesting twist unfolds with good emotional scenes.

11:38 Am : ‘Love is waste of time’, watch this song from PK to make every penny spent on ticket count.

11:36 AM :PK Mania got good change to society

11:32 AM : Feeling sad? PK has a therapy. Watch Anushka doing it in the film.

11:28 AM : Saurabh Shukla agrees to debate with Aamir over the presence of God and the conversation is really interesting.

11:25 AM : Don’t question religion in India. Really? It hurts.

11:22 AM : Wow! What a way to find religion one must follow and also post genuine questions on society.

11:15 AM : Twist in the tale reveled now.

11:09 AM : Another song is rooling. It’s time for Battery Recharge dance

11:03 AM : Anushka and PK friendship showing a good sentiment to this film

11:00 AM : Everyone gets to know about PK with a one fine incident.

10:56 AM : Dialogues are very good and they will connect well emotionally and underlying social message in every dialogue.

10:43 AM : PK goes intresting way.

10:40 AM : After interval, film begins with a funny scene.

10:21 AM : Interval now, first half of the film is really interesting and laugh riot.

10:16 AM : Movie heads to interval with a twist.

10:08 AM : Film’s next song ‘Bhagwan hai kaha re tu’ is on now. This song has been designed really good.

10:02 AM : Aamir’s expressions are just superb and his character is funny and interesting.

09:56 AM : Aamir explains why he landed in Delhi and whom he is searching for?

09:48 AM : The most awaited Rajasthani folk number Tarki Chokro is on now.

09:41 AM : Aamir explains his flash back. Sanjay Dutt makes an entry in this flash back.

09:37 AM : Interesting and funny conversation is going on between Aamir and Anushka.

09:32 AM : Anushka tries to find who is he and where he is from ?

09:28 AM : Aamir’s acts are funny and his dialogue delivery is interesting.

09:24 AM : Anushka accidentally see Aamir and finding him unusual, she follows him.

09:20 AM : Twist in the flick, Anushka moves back to her hometown Delhi.

09:17 AM : Saurabh Shukla has been introduced as self styled Godman Tapasvi.

09:15 AM : Anushka falls for Sushant and its time for first song of the film Chaar Kadham.

09:10 AM : Anushka Sharma makes entry in Belgium. Sushant Singh Rajput has also made his entry and happens to meet Anushka.

09:06 AM : Aamir Khan makes his entry in nude avatar in Rajasthan deserts.

09:03 AM : Movie has just began with Anushka Sharma’s voice over.

09:00 AM : Hello folks! we are bringing you the live updates from Aamir Khan starrer most awaited PK. Movie will be starting in few minutes.