Pilla nuvvu leni jeevitham Review-Jaunty Entertainer

Rating : 3.5/5
Star Cast : Sai Dharam Tej, Regina Cassandra
Producer : Bunny Vasu
Director : A.S.Ravi Kumar
Music : Anoop Rubens
Released on: 14-11-2014


Seenu(Sai Dharam Tej) is fun loving youth guy who fell in love with Shailu(Regina). He keeps proposing her but Shailu gets irritated and rejects his love every time. Twist in tale arises when Seenu comes to know that Shailu is in danger posed by a dreaded goon called Maisamma(Jagapathi Babu) and someone more powerful behind him.

Positive aspects:

Sai Dharam Tej has performed quite well in the film. He is very good with his dances and has worked hard on his performance. For just his second film, he shows maturity and carries off a tough role well. He has to work on his looks and facial expressions a bit more in the future.Regina Caasandra is looking gorgeous with every film. She looks beautiful in Indian attire, and has done well in the emotional scenes. Jagapathi Babu does an awesome supporting role its a added flavour to this film.

He performs brilliantly during the first half and has shown amazing dialogue delivery. Last ten minutes of the film is quite entertaining and gave some huge laughs. Major positive point of the film is the narration. The entire credit goes to the director who has narrated the film in very interesting manner. Pace in the film will not dip most of the time and moves with the flow. Comedy factor isvery good and Raghu Babu walks away with all the credit here. He is hilarious and provides superb entertainment along with Jayaprakash Reddy.

Negative aspects:

The climax is entertaining, But it looks a bit overboard with the end result. Love track between Regina and Teju did not look convincing. Regina’s characterization also looks jaded. Perhaps, the director should have given more clarity to have a ending around her relationships.
Once the twist in the tale is revealed, the film becomes predictable. Prakash Raj’s character and the political angle would have been showcased more in the first half.

Technical Aspects:

Production values looks good as the makers have made sure that Teju gets a perfect set up. Anup Rubens’s music is simply superb, and all the songs were supremely well in to their respecive places. Choreography designed for Teju also looks good and the pre-climax fight between Jagapathi Babu and Teju has beenprojected nicely.
Director Ravi Kumar Chowdary has done a awsome job with his direction. The way he has narrated the film with interesting flashback modes is quite innovative and novel. Dialogues written for Jagapathi Babu were good and all the scenes between him and Teju have come out well. Screenplay of the film is the biggest highlight, as all the seens and twists have been cleverly set.


With Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitaham, Tollwood gets yet another hero in the form of Sai Dharam Tej. in spite of his looking a bit rustic, Teju is convincing in his role. Lack of clarity in Regina’s character and chemistry between the lead pair are some basic let downs. But a good narration, hilarious comedy and beautiful songs cover this up and make this film a delightfull youthful entertainer.