Pandaga Chesko Movie Live Updates




Climax done…..

Updated at 12:45 PM

A heavy duty climax is on now

Updated at 12:40 PM

Movie heading towards climax…Brahmanandam comedy is very good

Updated at 12:37 PM

All the twists in the are being slowly revealed now

Updated at 12:30 PM

Some hilarious comedy scenes featuring Brahmanandam are on now

The last mass title song is on now…Full on masss

Updated at 12:15 PM

An interesting comedy twist in the tale now….situational comedy is on now

Updated at 12:05 PM

Some comedy scenes featuring Vennela Kishore are on now

Updated at 11:55 AM

The fourth song is on now…

Updated at 11:45 AM

A heavy duty fight is on now…

Updated at 11:40 AM

The scenes shifts to a village in Andhra

Updated at 11:35 AM

The second half starts off on a serious note

Updated at 11:15 AM

Simple and interesting twist Interval now

Updated at 11:10 AM

The hit song Oh my darling is on now …Lyrics are superb

Updated at 11:05 AM

The late M. S. Narayana makes an entry

Updated at 11:01 AM

Vennela Kishore makes an entry now

Updated at 11:00 AM

An intense fight between Ram and Abhimanyu Singh is on now….

Updated at 10:55 AM

Abhimanyu Singh makes an entry along with Jay Prakash Reddy

Updated at 10:50 AM

Tejaswi makes an entry as Rakul’s friend. shifts to Hyderabad now

Updated at 10:45 AM

Time for the second song Sonal Chauhan Sizzle in a bikini

Updated at 10:40 AM

Some hilarious comedy scenes featuring brahmanandam and Sonal Chauhan are on now

Updated at 10:35 AM

Brahmanandam makes an entry as weekend Venkat Rao

Updated at 10:30 AM

Sonal Chauhan makes an entry as Anushka

Updated at 10:25 AM

Rao Ramesh makes an entry as Ram’s dad

Updated at 10:20 AM

Energetic hero Ram has been introduced…..

The first song life is beautiful is on now….

Updated at 10:15 AM

Without wasting any time the director has introduced the story line

Updated at 10:10 AM

Rakul Preet has been entered in quite a simple way

Updated at 10:05 AM

Sai Kumar and Sampath have made an entry

Updated at 10:00 AM

The movie has started off with a heavy duty fight sequence