Mukunda Liveupdates

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10:30AM: This is the end of the movie

10:28AM: Shekar kammula sudden entry in a bus in mukunda movie(intresting)

10:25AM: But nazar DSP helps mukunda from that

10:24AM: To save his fnd mukunda will murder the rowdy sheeter

10:20AM: A daring fight scene started b/w hero and rowdy to save hero’s best friend

10:15AM: arere chandrakala song started b/w hero and heroine

10:12AM: hero’s father will die of heart stroke

10:11AM: hero was depressed of his father’s no more news

10:08AM: prakash raj will be elected as municipal chairman against rao ramesh

10:04AM: twist heroine is the daughter of rao ramesh

10:01AM: prakash raj with the support of mukunda nominates for municipal chairman elections against rao ramesh

9:58AM: once again mukunda was inspired by prakash raj dialogues

9:55AM: song tarvata papam hero best fnd ni rao ramesh side vallu kodtaru

9:49AM: beautiful feel song chala bagunde just now started

9:46AM: once again dialogues b/w roa ramesh and mukunda was extraordinary

9:45AM: nazar as DSP in rao ramesh area

9:42AM: again flashback started

9:40AM: very next to the interval a scene b/w mukunda,ali and mukunda’s friend………..

9:33AM: its time for interval

9:32AM: till now flashback.Now it completed actual story started…..

9:30AM: first face to face interaction scene between mukunda and pooja

9:28AM: gopikamma lovely song started in temple just now

9:25AM: yugalenni song costumes and locations was simply superb…..

9:22AM: melodious yugaalenni ranni beautiful song started between mukunda and heroine…

9:20AM: dialogues between mukunda and roa ramesh was super

9:18AM: prakash raj entry was super.his dialogues on India is super….(everybody must listen)

9:15AM: paruchuri acted as father of mukunda

9:13AM: beautiful pooja hegde introduction scene in the same college of mukunda

9:10AM: first fight scene by varun tej as mukunda was just awesome to save his friend

9:07AM: rao ramesh entry as municipal chairman

9:03AM: the debue dance performance of varun tej is ok(in chesededo song)

9:00AM: varun tej as mukunda is thinking about his college

8:58AM: Varun Tej named Mukunda in the movie

8:53AM: Ali comedy secene in Bus is superb

8:50AM: Mukunda film Just now stared with a Hero introduction