Mosagallaku Mosagadu Review & Rating


Release date : May 22, 2015

Director : AN Bose

Producer : Chakri Chigurupati

Music Director : Manikanth Kadri

Starring : Sudheer Babu, Nandini Rai

Rating : 3.25/5


Krishh(Sudheer Babu) is a little time hooligan who cheats others as a profession. One fine day, he is alloted an occupation of taking a valuable icon by Kaushik(Jaya Prakash Reddy) and his group. Wind in the story emerges when Krishh cons each body and flees with the icon.

This spur of the moment turns causes a gigantic misfortune to Kaushik and his boss(Abhimanyu Singh) why should about go in for an enormous manage the symbols. Why did Krishh take the icon, and What is the genuine story behind this bedlam ? That structures whatever remains of the story.

Positive Aspects:-

Sudheer Babu looks smart when contrasted with his past flicks. His acting has enhanced a considerable measure as the youthful legend conveys the whole film on his shoulders. Yet another real highlight of the film is the drama track between Jaya Prakash Reddy, Duvvasi Mohan and Fish Venkat. All these three spare the film and figure out how to divert the gathering of people acceptably.

Champion Nandini looks great and conveys her part well. Peak of the film has been composed well. Saptagiri’s entrance makes it more hilarious and closures the film on a content note. Chandra Mohan is adept as the teacher.

Abhimanyu Singh is alright as the awful fellow as is Praveen as Sudheer Babu’s companion. Second 50% of the film is respectable when contrasted with the first as the real story commences amid the interim.

Negative Aspects:-

One of the greatest downsides of the film is the first half. There is not a lot event amid this time as the film is pointlessly dragged by Sudheer Babu’s adoration track. Mosagallaku Mosagadu likewise experiences the tag of consistency. Wanders aimlessly that are showcased are unsurprising and can be speculated a large portion of the times.

The film has been advanced as the spin-off of Swami Ra yet it doesn’t have the style or profundity Swami Ra had. Courageous woman Nandini has not a lot to do in the second half. Certain scenes like Chandram Mohan’s school track makes a touch of perplexity for more often than not and is just clarified amid the fag end of the film.

Yet another significant disadvantage is that the film does not have the essential pace. Wrongdoing thrillers are regularly suggestive and have some extremely fascinating con scenes which are lost in this flick. The cop character looks bored and has no profundity in the film by any means.

Technical Aspects:-

Camera work is really great and presents the film in a better than average light. Screenplay of the film is just about alright as some pointless scenes irritate the stream of the film. Dialogs are alright as is the altering. Music is simply normal as none of the tunes figure out how to enlist.

Coming to chief Nellore Bose, he makes an alright showing with the heading. Despite the fact that he flounders with his portrayal amid the first half, he conceals it with the satire edge in the second.


One the entire, Mosagallaku Mosagadu will give a nice help to Sudheer Babu’s vocation. A moderate first half and unsurprising nature of the script are fundamental disadvantages. In the event that you figure out how to sit through the first 30 minutes and quit searching for rationales, you can undoubtedly give this film a shot for its respectable parody in the second half.


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