Lion Movie Live Updates

Balakarishna Latsest movie Lion is ready to hit theatres on 14 May. Trisha, Radhika Apte are played lead roles in the director of Satyadev and was produced by Rudrapati Ramana Rao, Mani Sharma composed a music , recently music made a big hit. The premier show of lion is confirmed just now. The live updates wil;l be starts from early morning , Keep visit this space for more updates…

Lion Movie Trailer

Time-08:01AM: Keep visiting this page for REVIEW

Time-08:00AM: Climax done, Movie completed.

Time-08:00AM: Movie heading towards Climax.

Time-07:55AM: Indraja makes an entry as CBI officer

Time-07:50AM: Fifth song is rooling…

Time-07:43AM: Pakash Raj and Balaya confidential scenes…

Time-07:35AM: Twists are reveled….

Time-07:26AM: Actor Suresh makes an entry…Some CBI investigation scenes…

Time-07:20AM: Fourth song is rooling…

Time-07:12AM: Balaya makes an entry as CBI officer

Time-07:08AM: Flashback is heasding…..

Time-07:05AM: Prakash Raj makes an entry as villain

Time-07:02AM: Car chase scene is going

Time-06:40AM: Its time for Interval…

Time-06:35AM: Superb fight by Balayya..

Time-06:30AM: Movie heading towards interval….

Time-06:30AM: Twist in a tale….

Time-06:28AM: Balaya costumes like Sherwani is superb..

Time-06:26AM: Third song is rooling…

Time-06:24AM: Radhika Apte makes an entry

Time-06:20AM: Posani entry as a police officer.

Time-06:14AM: The second song is rooling….

Time-06:12AM: Comedy Trisha and Balaya babu superb..

Time-06:12AM: Late M.S Narayana garu makes an entry now…

Time-06:10AM: Trisha(Mahalakshmi) makes an entry.

Time-06:08AM: Ali makes an entry as taxi driver. Comedy between Ali and Balakrishna..

Time-06:05AM: Archana and Siva Balaji makes an entry

Time-06:00AM: The first song is rooling….

Time-05:58AM: Balakrishna ultimate fight is on now

Time-05:55AM: Again Balaya proved himself by Dialogues, Dialouges are superb

Time-05:50AM: The movie delivering a intresting note.

Time-05:44AM: Kota Srinivas makes an entry

Time-05:40AM: Jayasudha and Chandra Mohan also make an entry with Balakrishna

Time-05:36AM: Balakrishna makes an entry

Time-05:31AM: The movie starts in hospital with serious

Time-05:28AM: The movie has just started, it is 154 minutes length

Good Morning to All the Viewers..

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