Karthikeya – Nerve Racking Thriller


Film : Karthikeya

Rating: 3.75/5. 

Starring : Nikhil  Swati

Director :   Chandoo Mondeti

Producer : Venkat Srinivas

Music : Sekhar Chandra

Released on : 24 October, 2014.


The story is of the famous Karthikeya temple in Subramanyapuram.This temple is shut down an year back. The intrested people and journalists who try to enter temple are killed by a snake.  Karthik (Nikhil) is a medical student  and he was sent to that village for medical camp, karthik will see all mysterious events happening near temple  and he tried to stop this things and ,rest of the story is all about how Karthik chased the mystery.

Positive aspects:

The major positive aspects of this film is of interesting story of temple. The directed narrated the story with a good ideology about the temple and their things happened.It was executed superb in a good format of religious beliefs. This story will having the enough twistst with respect to the temple and kathik. Swathi plays  as Karthik’s friend  and lead to play for justice. This story and role suits to karthik perfectly and it was so  surprising and impressive to see him. Another shade of the film is of comedy with the karthik’s friends. First half of the film  will be running towards temple aspects and later this will turns to the love in second half.

Negative aspects:

Second half  will be a bit slow when compared to the first, the climax move with urgent haste. The audience who are sticked up to  their seats till the end.

The basic plot of the film is good. Debutant director Chandoo Mondeti has implemented his plot without inserting forced commercial elements. He has succeeded in getting suspense and mystery right in the movie. However, the family and romance threads are not effectively dealt with. The comedy has worked well in the movie. Screenplay of the movie is interesting.

Technical Aspects:

Director Chandoo Mondeti has implemented with the good methodology and the screen play was superb with bright screen. He has succeeded in getting suspense and mystery right in the movie.The comedy has worked well in the movie.Background music by Sekhar Chandra is very effectively. Songs are pretty good it wasted thriller aspects. Cinematography by Karthik Gattamneni is effective. Editing is good with effective creations.

Conclusion :

Karthikeya is one of the refreshing films in this scenario . Nikhil’s performance  is good and sensibly designed with a pleasant story ,twist are effictive suspense elements make this film differen, enjoy the movie with thrilling this weekend.