Beeruva(Beerva) Movie Review

beerva review

Movie: Beeruva
Released Date: 23-01-2015
Cast & Crew: Sundeep Kishan, Surabhi
Producer : Ramoji Rao
Director : Kanmani
Music : Thaman S

Beeruva(Beerva) is an upcoming telugu film which directed by Kanmani and produced by Ramoji Rao. Sundeep Kishan and Surabhi were playing main roles. The music is composed by S S Thaman, he has given a wonderful and jouful music in Beeruva(Beerva)movie. These movie is going to hit theatres on jan 23rd.


Sanju (Sundeep Kishan) an easygoing gentleman, child of Industrialist Suriya Narayana (Naresh) falls head over heels in love in the first occurrence with Swathi (Surabhi). In a brief time, they begin loving one another. Seeing this as an immaculate open door both flee. Suriya Narayana faces the loss of all that he adores, because of sudden issue in organization.

He gets together with Aadhi Kesav Rao (Mukesh Rushi) to get over the business issues. Be that as it may things turn around when Suriya Narayana gets to know he is attempting to slaughter his child. In the meantime yearning government official (Ajay) begins looking for Sanju. What are his issues with Ajay? Why was Aadhi Kesav Rao attempting to murder Sanju? How did Sanju wind up in a Deepu’s (Anisha Singh) Beeruva? How Sanju battles for his affection structures whatever remains of the storyline.

Positive Aspects:-

The performances in the film aren’t too great either. Sundeep Kishan is strictly alright. There isn’t anything special about his performance, but there isn’t anything bad either. Usually he’s a scene stealer, but this time neither his character nor his performance is appealing. Debutant Surabhi is good in certain areas. Anisha Singh is nothing special, her character was weak and at times she seems so phony that you don’t even bother watching her anymore. Mukesh Rushi is his wacky self. The movie belongs to Sr. Naresh. He pulls off his character with complete ease making him look the most believable from the rest of the actors. The rest of the characters Ajay, Anita Choudary, Chalapathi Rao are fine in their very limited roles.

Technical Aspects:-

There isn’t quite a bit of a plot, nor is there any substance to this film. You clearly don’t expect something profound and intriguing, yet it ought to in any event bode well right? It’s apparently attempted to go for the immense segment of the group of onlookers that appears to appreciate these sort of popcorn performers. Genuinely its pitiable that Tollywood really has a sort where the gathering of people is required to leave their brains at home. One of Beeruva’s real imperfections is that there are simply an excess of classes going ahead without a moment’s delay. Like other Kanmani movies, there’s sentiment, supposition, activity and all the more yet it simply doesn’t work this time around.

Rather the film begins to crawl and you ask why you squander your cash to watch it. It’s improbable how characters abruptly understand their flaws and change. Really its simply moronic. Don’t misunderstand me however, the film does make you giggle here and there yet the vast majority of the jokes are exaggerated until the point where it simply gets penetrating. A decent aspect concerning this film is Thaman SS music and the picturization of the tunes. If not for the gorgeous ensembles and tunes, I think I may have fallen into slumber (like my companion did!)still the melodies appear sort of Random and could certainly have been put with the goal that they stream well with whatever is left of the motion picture.

Cinematography by Chota K Naidu is remarkable. He actually pulled few scenes with his belongings and shots. Altering Gautham Raju is not upto the imprint. The 135 minutes resemble a lifetime for the crowd in the theaters. Dialogs of the film are unremarkable. The generation estimations of the Anandi Arts & Usha Kiron Movies are great.


So after all that buildup and suspicion, Beeruva ends up being a disillusionment due to its sappy plot and slothful incidents. There are an excess of scratches that you can’t overlook. The film is shot well, the cam work is great – there are some decently executed scenes, however when you have flawed recipe in your grasp then regardless of what the culinary expert does his dish will wind up disillusioning the athirst gathering of people. Generally speaking, Beeruva is one film you’d be in an ideal situation not seeing in the theaters. For this alleged fun ride, its embarrassingly clumsy down. The film moves gradually and its barely entertaining. You’ll be better on the off chance that you miss this one!