Basthi movie review

Starring : Shreayan, Pragathi

Music Director : Praveen Immadi

Producer : Vasu Manthena

Director : Vasu Manthena


Veteran performer Jayasudha’s son, Shreayan is making his Tollywood debut with Basthi. This film which likewise stars Pragathi right now lead has hit the screens today. We should perceive how it is.



The narrative of the film is truly basic and based between two adversary gatherings of Ammiraju(Mukesh Rishi) and Bhikshapati (kota). Turn in the story emerges when Vijay(Shreayan) from Ammiraju’s gathering goes gaga for Bikshapathi’s girl Shravanthi (Pragathi).

This undertaking does not run well with Bikshapati’s child Bhavani (Abhimanyu Singh) who thus takes things close by and chooses to murder the couple. Rest of the story is in respect to how this couple survives the lethal Bhavani and win their adoration.


Positive Points:-

Shreayan is alright for his first film however needs to deal with his dialog conveyance and expressions. He has the tallness and identity and will definitely improve with more experience. Pragathi is OK in her part and looks great in tunes.

Interim blast is truly fascinating and has been bargain pleasantly. Second half gives a few snickers here and there. Mukesh Rishi and Abhimanyu Singh are able in their parts as was Kota.

To begin with half has some tolerable group competition which has been showcased well. Creation qualities are nice presently have not bargained on the visuals.


Negative Points:-

Significant disadvantage of the film is the age old story line. Scripts like these have been managed numerous a times and have literally nothing new to offer. A considerable measure of exertion ought to have gone into get the legend included in the procedures as he is simply left presently. Right from the scene one, this film gets truly unsurprising and has not a lot fascinating.

Pace of the film gets moderate towards the second half at this very moment business components take all important focal point. It is difficult to comprehend why Rashmi Gautam did the thing melody which additionally has another lead and looks disgusting. The drama tracks including Ali and Sapatagiri are through and through terrible and have no importance by any means. When the second half sets in, the motion picture looses its heading and goes wayward.


Technical Aspects:-

Camera work of the film is really customary as is the workmanship course. Music is good right now have been created well. Screenplay is unsurprising in the first half and gets wayward amid the second part. Altering is alright presently time of the film is very fresh. Going to the executive Vasu, he picks a stale subject and totally neglects to raise the debutante in at all way. He just goes through the procedures and makes a pretty underneath normal showing.



In general, Basthi is a film which does not give much extension for the debutante Shreayan to showcase his complete potential. With the exception of an intriguing interim blast and better than average exhibitions by the lead combine, this film is totally let around some exceptionally awkward bearing and has literally nothing new to offer. You may skip it.