Asura Movie Live Updates


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Updated at 11:50 AM

Climax done..

Updated at 11:40 AM

All the twists have been revealed now.. movie heading towards the climax

Updated at 11:36 AM

A heavy gun fight is going on now…. But there is another twist in the story….

Updated at 11:30 AM

Some crucial jail scenes are going on now

Updated at 11:20 AM

Some scenes between the main villain and Nara Rohit are on now

Updated at 11:15 AM

A heavy fight is going now.. Nara Rohit is showing his action skills..

Updated at 11:11 AM

Time for an item song now.

Updated at 11:07 AM

Scenes are shifting to a bar now…

Updated at 11:05 AM

Post interval the twist has been revealed now.

Updated at 10:47 AM

Interval now..

Updated at 10:45 AM

A very crucial and interesting interval bang is on now

Updated at 10:43 AM

An interesting twist in the story. Movie heading towards the interval

Updated at 10:34 AM

Some romantic scenes between Rohit and Priya Banerjee are on now..

Updated at 10:30 AM

The film is moving on a serious note… Nara Rohit is doing a good job in his role..

Updated at 10:20 AM

Some interesting scenes are going now..

Updated at 10:05 AM

It’s time for the second song.

Updated at 10:00 AM

The villain has been introduced now.

Updated at 09:55 AM

The heroine has been introduced in a simple way.

Updated at 09:50 AM

Nara Rohit introduction song is going now.

Updated at 09:48 AM

Nara Rohit has been introduced as jailer Dharma and a fight is going on now.

Updated at 09:45 AM

The movie starts with a powerfull dialogues from Nara Rohit

Updated at 09:40 AM

The movie has just started now.