365 Days Movie Review


Release date : May 22, 2015

Director : Ramgopal Varma

Producer : Venkatesh

Music Director : Nag Srivatsav

Starring : Nandu, Anaika Soti

Rating : 2.5/5


Apoorva(Nandu) is a corporate representative who falls head over heels in love for Shreya(Anaika Soti). The couple get closer to one another and soon their affection prompts their cheerful wedding. Following a couple of days of their merry marriage, the couple get into a colossal battle and errors begin inching up in their relationship.

Things get so revolting that they quit having faith in the idea of marriage any more. Rest of the story showcases regarding what really prompt those issues and how would they wind up unraveling them.

Positive Aspects:-

One of the greatest offering purpose of the film is the idea picked by RGV. The group of onlookers will be acutely intrigued to know regarding how RGV, who is constantly connected with hard hitting movies, has managed a family performer.

One of the real highlights of the film is Posani Krishna Murali. He diverts us nicely with his cameo and conveys a ton of alleviation to the film. Nandu has made a legitimate showing with his execution. The way he has depicted differed feelings in his character is very charming to watch.

Anaika Soti overflows charm and gives sight to behold to the film. First and foremost 50% of the some film is fresh and has a few components which will be loved by today’s adolescents.

Negative Aspects:-

Story of the film is very basic and has not a lot to offer. One of the greatest downsides of the film is the portrayal. RGV’s execution needs clarity and has no profundity in the feelings. The torment and despondency which is brought about by these misconceptions have not been showcased appropriately.

Second 50% of the film is the greatest disadvantage and has no weight in the procedures. The film is dragged to the center and gets exhausting after a point. Neither the portrayal nor the scenes figure out how to captivate the crowd. Despite the fact that Varma tries difficult to rescue things, the film begins going descending slide. After a point, Varma just tries to showcase the issues between the wedded couples which goes a touch overboard.Emotional holding between the couple has not been showcased by any stretch of the imagination. Tunes are an enormous block and exasperate the stream of the film big time.

Technical Aspects:-

Camera work is really better than average yet gets disturbing at whatever point the moderate movement shots come in. Despite the fact that the music is conventional, an excess of tunes ruin the stream of the film. Foundation score is really great as is the work of art in the film. Altering is worse than average the same number of scenes in the second half could have been effectively altered.

Going to the chief RGV, he has picked very much an intriguing subject yet has dragged it to the center. Despite the fact that he begins on a positive note, he vacillates part of the way through as none of his scenes have an effect.


365 Days is yet another dissatisfaction from RGV. Despite the fact that he picks a contemporary idea of today’s quick paced connections, he totally flounders in his execution. Posani’s character, Anaika Soti’s spectacular looks and Nandu’s execution are the main redeeming qualities for this flick. Anyway, a dragged out second half and absence of enthusiastic profundity conflict with the film totally.


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