Yamaleela 2 Movie Review

    Title : Rough
    Rating :1.75/5
    Directed by : S.V. Krishna Reddy
    Produced by : MDr. K.V. Satish, K Atchi Reddy
    Starring : Dr. K.V.Satish, Diah Nicholas, Mohan Babu, Brahmanandam
    Music by : S. V. Krishna Reddy

Family movies director S V Krishna Reddy, is back after a long time with Yamaleela 2. Starring Mohan Babu, Brahmanandam and debutante Satish, this film has struck the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


The movie starts in ‘Yamalokam’ where Yamadharmaraja(Mohan Babu) and Chitragupta(Brahmanandam) decide to visit Bhoolakam. Once they land there, Chitragupta accidentally hands over his most important Bhavishya Vani book to Krish(Satish).
On the other side, Krish, who is a doctor is busy searching for a medicine to save his niece’s life, who is suffering from Leukemia. Chitragupta and Yamadharmaraja make a plan to get back their book. This is also the time Krish starts reading the book and finds out a shocking truth. What truth does Krish find out from the book ? Will Yamadharmaraja get back his book successfully ? Answers to all these questions form the rest of the story.

Positive Aspects:

First half of the film is pretty good. The visuals and the graphics designed in the film are very good. Mohan Babu is the heart and soul of the film and gives a haunting performance. He is especially good with his mythological dialogues. Debutante Satish does a good job for his first film, and carries his role well. He is good in his dances and fights and all his scenes with the child artist have come out pretty well.
Brahmanandam adroitly supports Mohan Babu and is a perfectly suits as Chitragupta. Some comedy episodes in the first half and climax are good. Sada looks gorgeous in the opening song which has been shown beautifully. Production values are pretty good as the film has been made opulent. The famous star kid Harshita Ojha, has also done a pretty good job. Her character has been designed nicely, and is in sink with the story.

Negative Aspects:

Major drawback of the film is the second half. Placement of songs during this part goes topsy-turvy. The story is completely jilted with some outdated twists and turns. Even in the first half, there is some forced comedy which is induced in the form of over the top Punjabi characters.
Once the twist is revealed in the second half, the film becomes quite predictable. Sadly, Krishna Reddy uses his same old formula and adds silly humor to carry the film forward. Mohan Babu has nothing much to do in the first half and is jilted during this part.

Technical Aspects:

VFX work in the film is pretty good. The Makuka team have done a wonderful job in showing the Himalayas chiefly well. Graphics shown in Sada’s song are adroable. S V Krishna Reddy’s music is decent and does justice to the film. Dialogues written for both Brahmanandam and Mohan Babu are amusing.
Krishna Reddy’s direction gets a bit overboard as he adds all kinds of unnecessary fights and silly comedy episodes in the second half and stretches the film too far. Even the fun showcased during this time replicates entertainment from the 90’s which is a bit outdated. He starts the film quite promisingly but falters after half time. Screenplay suffers big time as many scenes could have been easily removed on the editing table.


With Yameela 2, Krishna Reddy proves that he is still stuck in the 90’s and provides routine entertainment from those days. Mohan Babu’s performance and a well executed first half are basic plus points in the film. If you do not mind watching the same old routine entertainment and have a liking for S V Krishna Reddy mark comedy, you can give this film a shot.