Video: Is Rana Daggubati Touched the Feet of Mahesh Babu

It was great sight at to see two nice looking hunks of T-town, Mahesh Babu and Rana Daggubati having a talk at Sudheer Babu’s anticipated film, Bhale Manchi Roju sound discharge. Evidently, Rana Daggubati, who strolled in into the amphitheater after Mahesh Babu, welcomed him by touching his feet, which raised numerous eyebrows. Nonetheless, it was all in great fun and Mahesh Babu too dismissed it by attempting to stop him. Both Mahesh and Rana are known for their amiableness and unconstrained parodies off-screen.

In spite of the fact that the Daggubati scion did it on a lighter note, there are few fans, who are understanding a purpose for it. It can be reviewed that Rana was in news at some point back for fouling it up with Mahesh Babu fans. At the point when a fan kid of Mahesh inquired as to whether he is intrigued to act in a Multi-starrer with Mahesh as a sibling, scoundrel or a companion, Rana answered a basic ‘no’, to the astonishment of everybody. On the other hand, the performing artist the implied he would prefer not to act with Mahesh as a sibling, scoundrel or a companion and there is not at all like that on cards at this moment. In any case, the on-screen character’s single word answer has been misconstrued, prompting fan wars between Daggubati fans and Ghattamaneni fans, on twitter.